About Recuro Health

Recuro Health is an integrated digital health solution that evolves healthcare from a reactive, disease-focused model to a personalized, proactive system. Recuro’s virtual health platform consists of a curated suite of digital solutions—from primary care and behavioral health to at-home testing and genetic screening. Fully customizable, these solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of any population, allowing patients to engage with physicians, receive more personalized care, and monitor their own health, no matter their location or circumstance. With streamlined information exchange between primary care and behavioral health teams as well as testing and screening tools, Recuro’s virtual health platform enables the delivery of coordinated, holistic care that ultimately results in better outcomes at a lower cost.

Recuro healthcare solutions occur at the intersection of quality, access and affordability, delivering appropriate care at the right time and place. We empower earlier and more efficient interventions, supplement in-person care, and provide a true mosaic of each member’s health and the efficacy of past interventions.

By evaluating outcomes and compliance together, the Recuro platform minimizes the need for acute, episodic care by providing the digital keys to member health.  These combined assets provide appropriate referrals and recommendations that contribute to better patient engagement, enhanced outcomes and reduced costs.


Disrupting the traditional healthcare delivery system by bridging the gap between the current system and digital health, Recuro is led by Michael Gorton, founding CEO of Teladoc.  The Recuro team includes several Teladoc leaders along with other healthcare luminaries and experienced business executives such as Jay Sanders, MD, founder of the American Telemedicine Association and acknowledged as the ‘Father of Telemedicine.’

These experienced healthcare executives and clinicians have a deep understanding of the current challenges facing healthcare systems and are building the infrastructure and partnerships to address challenges that include care fragmentation, gaps in care, poor outcomes and high costs and more.  Collectively, these issues make healthcare unsustainable but create a fertile opportunity for the changes that Recuro brings to all stakeholders.

Business Model

We are executing this vision by integrating high-impact digital health solutions across the full patient journey, from well care to pre-acute and acute care to post-acute care. With robust funding, we are leveraging a roll-up strategy that will result in 500,000 members and $15.0MM+ in revenue by the end of the 2021.

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Michael Gorton
Chief Executive Officer

John Halsey
Chief Growth Officer

Stephen Hochschuler, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Michael Brombach
Chief Product Officer

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