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Recuro At-Home Lab Testing Benefits

  • Accessible: Our global, award-winning diagnostic and health screening platform is designed to make the at-home labs experience convenient and accessible with easy-to-use tests delivered directly to an individual’s doorstep, including COVID-19 rapid testing.
  • Easy-to-use: Patients can self-collect samples such as a nasal swab, saliva, urine, toilet water, and blood in a safe home environment. Real-time results are available to authorized stakeholders.
  • Rapid: Our tests enable quick and early identification of diseases, which triggers timely interventions, prevents costly hospitalizations, and improves patient outcomes.

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Build your digital health platform with customized solutions to meet your population’s health needs and goals—from primary care and behavioral health to at-home lab testing and genetic screening. Learn more about our curated digital solutions below.

Integrated team of top primary care and behavioral health physicians to provide unbiased, confidential care through message-based and video interactions.

At-home lab testing for more than 90 diseases, including COVID-19 rapid testing.

DNA testing to identify and predict health issues and conditions, understand risk and develop personalized and proactive care plans.