Funding Complete: Founding CEO of Teladoc – Michael Gorton – Leads Launch of Recuro Health

Powered by the team that built Teladoc, Recuro is a new integrated digital solutions company that is building a new industry category

Transitioning the U.S. healthcare system from a reactive, disease-focused model to a population health, outcomes approach, Recuro Health (Recuro) has closed its oversubscribed round funding led by OLSF Ventures.

Michael Gorton, founding CEO of Teladoc, leads the Recuro team which includes several Teladoc leaders: the original Chief Technology Officer along with the marketing team that perfected Teladoc’s go-to-market strategy.  The Company is also adding healthcare luminaries and experienced business executives such as Jay Sanders, MD, founder of the American Telemedicine Association and acknowledged as the “Father of Telemedicine.”

Experienced Leadership Team

“This oversubscribed round of funding and interest in our subsequent round demonstrate the support of our investors and confidence in our management team to build yet another industry-transforming company in the digital health space,” says Gorton, CEO and founder of Recuro Health.  “The platform combines digital health with a patient-centered medical home.  We are creating an easy, personal and economic solution for patients, employers, and payers.”

This initial capital will be used to identify and complete several value-accretive acquisitions for integration and build yet another industry-transforming company in the digital health space.

Lead investor in this round, Dr. William Paiva, managing partner at OLSF Ventures, says, “Given the unprecedented interest in the Recuro business model, we will quickly follow this company formation and funding round with a larger round of funding which will further accelerate Recuro’s journey to build a new industry category.”

Paiva characterizes this opportunity as a “rare moment” in the career of a venture capitalist:

“This is one of those moments — a chance to invest in the perfect opportunity at the initial funding round, at the right moment in time and with a management team that has created the industry category.”

Patient-Centric Digital Solutions

Recuro is focused on empowering patients with tools, education and guidance to live healthier, longer and happier lives. Grounded in a suite of digital health offerings, analytics and services, Recuro touches patients along their health journeys.

Gorton describes this as disruptive innovation in traditional healthcare delivery:

“Recuro is bridging the gap between the current system and digital health.  This requires a deep understanding of the current challenges facing healthcare, along with a proven ability to impact the industry. We are building infrastructure and partnerships to support care delivery in every setting, across the entire patient journey. Think of Recuro as holding the digital keys to member health — minimizing the need for acute, episodic care.”

In addition to OLSF, participants in the current round of funding include Cortado Ventures, 1843 Capital and Sage Venture Partners.

About Recuro Health

Serving employers, providers and managed care organizations, Recuro Health delivers value throughout the healthcare ecosystem.  Digital and virtual services leverage aggregated data to direct users to achieve effective and efficient offerings.  By evaluating outcomes and compliance together, Recuro provides appropriate referrals and recommendations.

Recuro exemplifies a well-founded plan with the resources and leadership to execute on a business model that integrates the concepts of the patient-centered medical home with digital health.  This integrated offering creates a solution that is personal, easy and economical for patients, employers and payers.

The Recuro platform minimizes the need for acute, episodic care by providing the digital keys to member health:  remote lab testing, virtual primary care, navigation assistance, behavioral health consultations, remote patient monitoring and more.  Recuro healthcare solutions occur at the intersection of quality, access, and affordability, delivering appropriate care at the right time and place. By unlocking the true potential of digital modalities to improve outcomes, Recuro is focused on empowering patients with tools, education and guidance to live healthier lives.

Recuro is a disruptive model, bridging the gap between the current system and digital health.  With an experienced team at the helm of the organization, Recuro has the depth of expertise and business savvy to over some of the most intractable challenges facing healthcare systems today including fragmented care and more.

To learn more, contact:  Michael Gorton, CEO, Recuro,


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