Michael Gorton – Teladoc Founder, Serial Entrepreneur | Early Detect Studios Episode 6

In this episode of Early Detect Studios (a healthcare podcast series by CognitiveCare), Sheena Gill, the chief growth officer and EVP at CognitiveCare is in conversation with TelaDoc Founder and 14x serial entrepreneur Michael Gorton (currently CEO of Recuro Health).

In this inspiring podcast, Mr. Gorton shares his entrepreneurial journey, his efforts to promote positive change, how he is currently working on creating a personalized/holistic digital medical home (including the use of risk stratification), his views on the future role of AI in healthcare, and his advice to healthcare entrepreneurs.

00:00​ – Can we get as fit as 35 at the age of 100?
00:34 – Introduction
02:08 – How was TelaDoc started?
03:45 – What challenges and resistance did you face in trying to promote “change in the healthcare system” and how did you overcome said challenges?
08:02 – Michael Gorton’s vision for Recuro Health.
10:36 – How Recuro Health is utilizing risk stratification to promote better outcomes?
12:59 – How is your current experience with Recuro similar or different to the Teledoc experience?
14:50 – The role of AI in healthcare changing over the next 5 to 10 years.
16:26 – Michael Gorton’s advice to healthcare entrepreneurs.
18:07 – End of podcast


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