Rebound from COVID-19

Rebound from COVID-19

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In the aftermath of the pandemic, the nation’s resiliency to preventing further resurgence of COVID-19 infection and the key to making a comeback from the current crisis rests largely with private and public sectors. Personalized, preventive care that ensures better outcomes and individual safety hold the keys to success in this rebound environment.

At-home rapid PCR and antigen COVID-19 tests enable more frequent risk stratification, realtime health status and improved population health throughout the enterprise. As fears of new variants linger, regular testing is a necessary component of preventive care and speeds the transition to “normal.” It is becoming evident that benefits providers, payers and administrators need strong assurances of health and safety, which is further fueling a massive demand for affordable, adaptable, accurate at-home or onsite, rapid testing solutions.

While COVID cases wane and restrictions begin to ease in many places across the country thanks to 45.6% of the adult population being fully vaccinated, infection is still a risk in vaccine-lagging areas in the U.S.1 With these low vaccination rates, health officials say that continued COVID testing is  mportant to identify people as quickly as possible. Then they can be isolated as they recover stopping further spread. General surveillance testing is key to reaching asymptomatic people who can spread the virus without even knowing it. Tests need to provide quick results and have specificity and  sensitivity to correctly identify those with or without COVID and limit false positives and negatives. A resurgence of COVID is still a concern when cold weather and general flu season return, and people go indoors and relax social distancing—which may increase the chances of infection and the spread of

Regular testing is also essential because epidemiologists worry that COVID’s global spread will create more dangerous mutations and that the deadly virus will remain as part of our lives for decades to come.

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