Recuro Health Acquires UDoTest (Michael Gorton & Allison Martin discuss the acquisition)

Michael Gorton, CEO at Recuro Health, and Allison Martin, CEO & Founder at UDoTest discuss Recuro Health’s recent acquisition of UDoTest with Slice of Healthcare host, Jared S. Taylor.

“There’s there’s going to be more acquisitions over the next year or so. John Halsey and I have talked to 156 companies. Three are done and we’ve got a few more that are really close and so we’ll be calling you first.”

– Michael gorton, CEO & Founder of Recuro Health

“Recuro Health (Recuro), an integrated digital health solution that transitions the U.S. healthcare system from a reactive, disease-focused model to a population health outcomes approach, today announces the acquisition of UDoTest, Inc., a global, award-winning at-home diagnostic and health screening software platform designed to personalize the at-home testing experience with customized self-collection testing services that can screen for 80+ diseases – including COVID-19 PCR rapid tests. Chosen from a field of hundreds of companies as one of 16 to collaborate directly with the US Department of Health and Human Services and the FDA during the pandemic and credited with launching one of the first comprehensive employer testing platforms for COVID-19, UDoTest supports employers with key decision-making and OSHA requirements for employees’ safe return-to-work.”

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