Recuro Health Supports SIIA Annual Meeting: Provides Voluntary COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Testing for Attendees, CEO Michael Gorton Panel Presenter

DALLAS—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Recuro Health(Recuro), an integrated digital health solutions company that transitions the U.S. healthcare system from a reactive, disease-focused model to a population health, outcomes approach, today announces that it will provide COVID-19 antigen rapid tests on a voluntary basis to all attendees during SIIA’s 41st Annual National Educational Conference, October 3-5, 2021, Austin, TX. Michael Gorton, founder and CEO of Recuro, also joins healthcare leaders on a live panel presentation, “Transforming Employee Health Care Experience Through Digital Health Advancements (LIVE),” 1:30 p.m. – 2:45 p.m. (CDT), Oct. 4.

Recuro Health Supports SIIA Annual Meeting: Provides Voluntary COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Testing for Attendees, CEO Michael Gorton Panel Presenter

“We are delighted to make this testing available to attendees who want the option,” Gorton says. “Recuro’s COVID-19 rapid testing solution has generated wide receptivity among the nation’s employers, including federal and state governments and corporate healthcare decision-makers. In fact, Recuro was among 12 technology companies selected by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and recognized for developing digital solutions to ensure that COVID-19 diagnostic testing data is efficiently, securely and accurately transmitted to key stakeholders.”

Gorton is joined by panelists Dea Belazi, president and CEO, AscellaHealth; Jeff Dobro, M.D., FACR, chief innovation officer, Transcarent; and Chris Michalak, CEO, Virgin Pulse. Attendees will learn more about digital strategies, including telehealth and remote patient monitoring, as panelists share their perspectives on how digital solutions impact chronic care management, the importance of digital solutions for medication adherence and compliance and how employers can support telehealth use among employees.

“This year’s SIIA national conference offers a ‘blended’ experience, featuring high-quality educational content delivered via a sophisticated virtual platform, with a combination of live and pre-recorded sessions scheduled during the session,” says Gorton. “As Recuro emphasizes its focus on digital health solutions, our entire team is committed to patient-centric care, and we support payers in their quest to reduce costs for patient care delivery and improve clinical outcomes.”

About Recuro Health

Serving payers, employers and providers, Recuro Health is an integrated digital health solution that delivers value throughout the healthcare ecosystem as care moves from traditional office in-person settings to wherever the patient and data are located. Recuro solutions support the migration from convenient care to meaningful patient engagement across broader care pathways, creating a personalized, holistic digital medical home that results in better outcomes and lower costs.


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