Telehealth Best Practices: Michael Gorton of Recuro Health On How To Best Care For Your Patients When They Are Not Physically In Front Of You

An Interview With Dave Philistin

Convenience is one of theone of the things patients look for above everything else. From making appointments to viewing their medical records, patients want staying healthy to be easy. It’s essential to offer digital tools that allow your patients to conveniently receive care off-site. Virtual visits via telemedicine and telehealth tools can minimize the hassle with travel or wait times.

In this interview series, called “Telehealth Best Practices; How To Best Care For Your Patients When They Are Not Physically In Front Of You” we are talking to successful Doctors, Dentists, Psychotherapists, Counselors, and other medical and wellness professionals who share lessons and stories from their experience about the best practices in Telehealth. As a part of this series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Gorton.

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