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Summertime Self-Care for Better Mental Wellness with Recuro’s Virtual Behavioral Health Experts

In today’s fast-paced world, self-care and mental health are hot topics, and rightfully so. Amid our busy lives, we all crave moments to de-stress, relax and recharge. However, for many, self-care feels like an elusive luxury reserved for those with abundant time and resources, especially during the hot summer months.

The reality is that self-care isn’t a luxury; it’s a fundamental requirement for our overall well-being. It’s about nurturing yourself so you can show up fully in every aspect of your life whether you are a busy professional, a stay-at-home mom juggling the kids, or a truck driver always on the road. Self-care encompasses anything that positively impacts your mental, emotional, and physical health. The more you invest in self-care, the more you’ll have to give to what truly matters—whether that’s work, family, health, or hobbies.

Self-care for mental wellness starts by prioritizing your health. However, most patients are waiting 25 days on average to schedule an in-person appointment. At Recuro we prioritize our patient needs. With our network of virtual counselors you can get an appointment in days – not weeks! This is especially important considering that neglecting your physical and mental health often increases the risk of disease and reduces life expectancy. In fact, a recent study showed delayed treatment for depression has resulted in a 40% higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease [1].  To encourage you on your healthcare journey, we asked our Recuro Health experts—our own doctors, nurses, and staff—how they prioritize self-care in their busy summertime schedules. Here are seven tips they shared:

1. Prioritize Breathing

Correct breathing can lower blood pressure, pulse rate, and stress levels. Practice calming breaths (diaphragmatic breathing) to promote relaxation and well-being, reduce stress and improve mental health.

2. Schedule Time Off Regularly

Daily Routine:

Begin your day with moments of reflection, affirmation, meditation, or prayer. Take a break from the news and instead read uplifting material. Consider creating a gratitude list to cultivate a positive mindset.

Weekly Practice:

Set aside one day each week for rest—free from work or household chores. Allow your mind, body, and spirit to recharge and rejuvenate. Keep a gratitude journal or simply express gratitude for the small things in life.

3. Spend Time Outdoors

Nature energizes the soul. Go for a hike in the hills, take a walk in the park, or stroll along the ocean shore. Simply sitting in a serene environment and quieting your mind can rejuvenate you while practicing mindfulness and gratitude.

4. Exercise Regularly

Take advantage of warm weather. Go for a jog, swim, or bike outdoors. Exercise not only helps maintain physical health but also supports brain function by improving circulation and releasing mood-boosting neurotransmitters.

5. Create Morning and Evening Rituals

Morning Ritual:

Wake up consistently at the same time. Spend 10 minutes each morning on happiness—read, listen to a podcast, or enjoy breakfast peacefully while your phone is silenced.

Evening Ritual:

Prepare for the next day in the evening—set the coffee maker, plan your outfit, and pack your work bag.

6. Stay Hydrated and Cool

Proper hydration is essential. Carry a reusable water bottle and drink throughout the day. Seek shade during peak sun hours and take breaks indoors to avoid overheating.

7. Talk to a Recuro Professional

Recuro’s virtual Behavioral Health services offer patients flexible and accessible solutions to your mental health and well-being concerns. In the comfort of your home you can connect with a therapist to discuss your challenges openly while learning how to cope with stress, depression or anxiety.

Again, self-care is a part of a healthy lifestyle that we encourage our patients to embrace. Remember, self-care doesn’t have to be time-consuming. You can easily incorporate these practices into your routine to stay balanced and centered. A healthy lifestyle will result in less stress, a long life, and a strong immune system. At Recuro Health we care about your overall health and well-being. If you are ready to take your health journey to a new level, let us help. Virtual care appointments are available within 72 hours to connect you with a virtual Behavioral Health professional. Our comprehensive behavioral healthcare offers a wide spectrum of coverage, including therapy and counseling to psychiatry and medication management. Using Recuro’s virtual access, members can simply make an appointment on their lunch break, while traveling, or on weekends to utilize this service and close the lack of access gap that many Americans experience.


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How Recuro Can Help

Transform your health journey with Recuro Primary Care by gaining more than just access – gain personalized support. When you choose Recuro, you not only secure convenient and reliable access to primary care but also unlock the power of a centralized medical record. Imagine every visit being a stepping stone towards a healthier you. Our licensed physicians can not only guide you on the right diet plan but also monitor your progress closely. They have instant access to your comprehensive medical history, ensuring earlier diagnoses and seamless management of chronic conditions. Whether you’re already dealing with a chronic condition or want to proactively address potential concerns, our 24/7 virtual care is here for you. Schedule a visit today and embark on a health transformation with tailored guidance, progress tracking, and, if necessary, prescribed medications – all in one comprehensive health support system.

Looking to book an appointment with one of our health care providers? Get started by logging in to our member web portal or by downloading our Recuro Care app. Get started on a better health journey this year with Recuro Health!

*Plan configuration & services available may vary. Reach out to your plan administrator or Recuro Health’s Customer Service for a comprehensive list of your covered services at 855-6RECURO (855-673-2876).


  1. A blueprint for protecting physical health in people with mental illness
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