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About Recuro

Recuro is an integrated digital health solutions company that takes a uniquely personalized and proactive approach to virtual care. Unlike other traditional virtual care solutions today, Recuro has created a virtual-first care delivery platform to enable customized care that meets patients’ needs no matter their location or circumstance. Through our platform, Recuro provides a holistic suite of virtual care services and supplemental benefits that consumers can choose from to design a digital health solution. Recuro’s core virtual care offerings include primary care, behavioral health, and urgent care, with supplemental benefits spanning pharmacy, care management, advocacy, and physician locator. Recuro is committed to providing the tools to help you proactively manage your health and maintain well-being on an ongoing basis.

Our Solutions
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Experience a virtual care solution that’s made for you

Patients can have virtual visits with primary care and behavioral health doctors dedicated to understanding their unique needs and developing a personalized care plan.  In addition, through Recuro’s health risk assessment, patients can identify any genetic or lab screenings that may be relevant and can complete the tests all from the comfort of their homes.


Improve employee satisfaction, productivity and health

Employers can design a digital health solution that’s customized to meet the needs of their employees. Choose from a suite of integrated virtual health offerings and supplemental benefits to provide employees with solutions to keep them healthy and happy. Our scalable platform is easy to deploy, configure and integrate with your systems.

Health Plans

Deliver a customized virtual care experience focused on member engagement

Health Plans can improve member experience and health outcomes by leveraging our virtual-first platform to proactively identify member risk and direct members to the right point of care whether that’s a visit with a behavioral health specialist or screening for disease.


Drive patient experience and access

Providers can offer convenient access to care and maintain ongoing relationships with patients no matter their location or circumstance. Our integrated referrals facilitate connections to top specialty services to provide the best care for patients.


Recuro Health

Recuro is an integrated digital health solutions company that takes a uniquely personalized and proactive approach to virtual care. Unlike other traditional virtual care solutions today, Recuro has created a virtual-first platform to enable customized care that meets patients’ needs no matter their location or circumstance. Through our care delivery model, Recuro provides a holistic suite of virtual care services and supplemental benefits that consumers can choose from to design a digital health solution. Recuro’s core virtual care offerings include primary care, behavioral health, and urgent care, with supplemental benefits spanning pharmacy, care management, advocacy, and physician locator. Recuro’s enterprise-ready SAAS platform seamlessly ties these digital solutions together enabling simple customization, white-labeling, and easy configuration. Recuro is committed to providing the tools to help you proactively manage your health and maintain well-being on an ongoing basis.


Company Insights

Disrupting the traditional healthcare delivery system by bridging the gap between the current system and digital health, Recuro is led by Phil Fasano, Chairman & CEO who served as EVP and Chief Information Officer at Kaiser Permanente. The Recuro team also includes other healthcare luminaries and experienced business executives. These experienced healthcare executives and clinicians have a deep understanding of the current challenges facing healthcare systems and are building the infrastructure and partnerships to address challenges that include care fragmentation, gaps in care, poor outcomes and high costs and more. Collectively, these issues make healthcare unsustainable but create a fertile opportunity for the changes that Recuro brings to all stakeholders.

About Us

Recuro Health is leading the way in virtual healthcare, to learn more about our leadership team read the bios below.

Recuro Leadership

Phil Fasano

Chairman & CEO

As Recuro’s Chairman & CEO, Phil is a visionary thought leader, award-winning corporate executive and Fortune 500 board-level business strategy expert who brings more than 30 years of experience in the financial services, technology, insurance and healthcare industries. Prior to joining Recuro Health, Phil served as EVP and Chief Information Officer at Kaiser Permanente, where he played a pivotal role in the development, scaling, and management of Kaiser’s first telehealth offering, reaching an impressive 14 million members. His contributions significantly contributed to Kaiser’s revenue growth from $47 billion to $70 billion. Over the course of his career, Phil has held executive leadership positions at prestigious organizations, including American International Group, AFG, Capital One, JP Morgan Chase, and Deutsche Bank. A passionate business strategist, Phil is considered an influential voice in the push to evolve how companies create, market and use technologies to transform future growth and profitability. As CEO of Recuro, Phil’s top objective is to drive our company’s virtual first solutions into the next phase of strategic growth by making advanced healthcare accessible.

Jason Casten

Chief Financial Officer

Jason Casten serves as Recuro’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO). With a distinguished career spanning over two decades in healthcare technology, Jason brings a wealth of financial expertise and a strong track record in leadership to his role as CFO at Recuro Health. Jason’s remarkable career has been characterized by notable achievements in healthcare technology leadership and financial positions. He has played pivotal roles in executing numerous acquisitions, raising substantial growth capital for operating companies, and achieving successful across numerous telehealth companies. With an impressive history in financial leadership and management, Jason previously served as the Chief Financial Officer of MDLIVE, a prominent telehealth provider that was acquired by Cigna in 2021. His strategic financial leadership significantly contributed to the success of the organization. Prior to joining MDLIVE, Jason served as the Senior Vice President, Corporate Development for Watermark Medical Holdings, where his financial acumen contributed to the company achieving revenues exceeding $100 million from its startup phase. As Recuro’s Chief Financial Officer, Jason oversees all financial aspects of the organization, including financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, and strategic decision-making. His extensive experience in financial management, combined with his strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities, positions him well to optimize financial performance, enhance operational efficiency, and support the company’s long-term objectives.

Michael Brombach

Chief Operating Officer

Michael is responsible for driving the strategy and development of Recuro’s digital health platform and products, overseeing integration, go-to-market strategy, and future product innovation. The company he founded, SupDoc, an AI-powered health platform for convenient and efficient care services, was acquired by Recuro Health earlier this year to enhance its integrated capabilities. Previously, Michael was an executive in Accenture Strategy’s Healthcare Practice with expertise in health system innovation, virtual care and patient experience. He has worked across some of the leading healthcare providers, payers and pharma companies in North America. He specialized in product strategy, provider enterprise transformation, care model innovation, and health consumerism. Michael has two pending patents for his work on health innovation and customer experience design. He is also the author of multiple thought leadership articles (including one in Harvard Business Review) on topics including, how to solve healthcare’s complexity, future applications of virtual care models, the growth potential of consumerism in health care, and provider transformation. He has presented on these topics at several health conferences including HIMSS.

Kate Sowerwine, MD

CMO & President, P.A.

Dr. Kate Sowerwine has served in roles as consulting physician, President and Chief Medical Officer for telemedicine companies WellVia and Recuro Health. She is a Board Certified internist having completed a fellowship at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, where she reported directly to the Director of the Division of Intramural Research. Dr. Sowerwine has been named a Castle Connolly Top Doctor, and has published several peer reviewed articles related to immunology. She believes in accessible and affordable medical care and entered the telemedicine space more than 6 years ago to provide quality care without barriers to access.

Ash Tengshe

SVP and Chief Product & Technology Officer

Ash joins Recuro as an experienced digital leader passionate about building customer-centric products. Ash led digital delivery and product transformation at Wells Fargo, successfully delivering numerous customer-facing products for mass-market, affluent, and commercial customers. He has also been recognized with multiple pending patents for his innovative work designing future financial product journeys. Prior to Wells Fargo, Ash served as VP at Kaiser Permanente, where he led all technical product and program teams in the care delivery space. Here he established an enterprise architecture and technology delivery shared service, delivering critical solutions for Telehealth, Pharmacy, EMR integration, Clinical Desktop, Virtual Urgent Care, and Referral solutions. Ash also played a key role in implementing initiatives to accelerate the adoption of intuitive and intelligent technology for care providers. In his role at Recuro Health, Ash leads the strategic implementation of technology investments, collaborating closely with the Technology, Engineering, and Product divisions within the company.

Jennifer Balliet

SVP and Chief People Officer

Jennifer is a proven human-resources and experienced healthcare professional with 20 years of success building organizational culture through design, installation, management of people-centric, and operational-improvement initiatives that support short and long-term business goals. A proven leader with a notable record of governing rapid workforce growth from 100 to 2,200 and blending diverse entities into effective, efficient, results-focused institutions dedicated to customer satisfaction. Her guiding principles of trust, empathy, and authenticity make her a true builder, dedicated to creating opportunities and delivering impactful results. Jennifer is thrilled to lead a team whose purpose is to make advanced healthcare accessible. Off-duty, Jennifer’s a proud wife, and mom of two daughters, from Fort Myers, FL.

John Halsey

Chief Growth Officer

John leads the growth and expansion of the Recuro market footprint, bridging departments spanning business development, sales, marketing, operations, and information technology. An experienced industry leader, John is shaping the positioning of Recuro to stay ahead of and engage with potential clients wherever they are in the purchase cycle. For decades, John has spearheaded sales and strategy in telehealth where he has helped to structure service offerings across market channels in order to build company revenue. Beyond sales, John has in-depth industry knowledge and an understanding of the roles of employers/plan sponsors, payers, and providers in creating high-value healthcare solutions that address member needs. John is uniquely qualified to scale products and services that scale Recuro sales operations in the digital health space. He is regarded as an industry pioneer, having had successful business development positions from telehealth’s conception.

Kimberly Darling

President of Sales

Kimberly Darling is an entrepreneur and inventor who advocates for the practical use of technology. As an inventor, she holds more than 4 U.S. patents related to the innovation of healthcare data, payments and engagement. The innovator role came from a passionate determination to find solutions for clients. Driven to spread the word on the virtues of practical technology innovation in the healthcare industry, Kimberly has helped her clients earn millions of dollars. With over 30 years of healthcare and technology experience, Kimberly excels at consultatively finding unique value and solutions.

Allison Martin

EVP Diagnostics, Co-Founder

Allison is a founding member and Executive Director of Recuro Health, and the former CEO and founder of Massachusetts-based UDoTest, a B2B At-Home Disease Testing Software Company. Inspired by cancer prevention in Africa, Allison’s global awards from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Genentech, Frost and Sullivan, to name a few, both during and pre-pandemic, led Allison to becoming a leader in the at-home testing industry. As a serial entrepreneur and business executive, as well as, with her work with America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Innovation Lab and in the global telecommunications industry, led to Allison having been frequently interviewed for her work on improving the access and the cost of better health for many.

Josh Nordtvedt

SVP Payer Strategy

As Recuro’s Senior Vice President of Payer Strategy, Josh is responsible for growing our virtual footprint in the Health Plans market space. With over 20+ years of industry experience, Josh’s passion is DATA. In fact in 2015, Josh began a study that focused on analyzing healthcare quality metrics and risk adjustments in order to reflect the true acuity level of each individual member by measuring the overall relative performance of each health plan. Josh soon realized that it was not the culmination of data that solved for risk adjustment, but rather, the aggregate data that aided all the downstream processes… including improved patient health. That’s why Josh joined Recuro – because he believes genomic data can truly change individual outcomes and pay for itself exponentially. Over the course of his career, Josh has helped to implement and integrate thousands of impactful virtual solutions like the ones we offer today! As a Washington native with 3 daughters, Josh loves anything to do with the Seattle Seahawks – when he’s not relaxing with his family on sports nights, he’s actively geeking out on healthcare blogs keeping up on the latest trends!

Board of Directors

Promoting Diversity

Diversity & Inclusion

Culturally Competent Healthcare

Our network is diverse and multilingual, with specialized training to provide care that is respectful of gender, different cultures, specific care needs of people of color, different experiences, and sexual orientation. Behavioral health specialties are also trained in cultural competency affirming care for LGBTQ+ members.

Diversity & Inclusion

Choice of Care

Recuro strives to provide members with optionality for racial, ethnic, and language concordance. Members are given the choice of providers for Virtual Primary Care and Virtual Behavioral Healthcare Offerings. Recuro believes in health equity and care practices including:

  • Collect race, ethnicity & language preference data
  • Identify and report disparities
  • Promote cultural & linguistical competent care
  • Provide accessibility to culturally competent disease management programs
  • Diverse Provider Network and Staff

Diversity & Inclusion

Diverse Hiring Practices

At Recuro Health, we thrive to be a diverse and inclusive workforce. We hire and trust people without regard to race, color, religion, marital status, age, national or ethnic origin, physical or mental disability, medical condition, pregnancy, genetic information, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or other non-merit criteria. Recuro is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Diversity & Inclusion

Health Equity

The scalability of Recuro’s platform and its integrated approach to virtual care is improving access to care and contributing to the health equity missions of Recuro partners. Recuro digital solutions advance health equity objectives by overcoming barriers to care associated with social determinants of health and issues which specifically impact access, cost and quality.