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Our Digital Medical Home is customizable to meet your health care needs. We provide core next-generation virtual care services, including primary care, behavioral health, and urgent care as well as a suite of supplemental benefits, such as chronic care management, pharmacy, and teledentistry. Our SAAS platform integrates and configures the benefits you choose, providing seamless access to the care you need.

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Digital Medical Home™
Complete Care
Virtual Primary Care – Enhanced
Virtual Primary Care – Core
Virtual Behavioral Health
Virtual Urgent Care
Pediatric Behavioral Health
On-Demand Counseling
Health Advocacy
Condition Management
Companion Care
Caregiver Support
COVID Testing

Digital Medical Home

What’s Included?

  • Built to manage health care of all kinds
  • Personalized approach
  • Effective and convenient care
  • Fully-integrated digital health solutions
Digital Front Door

Our digital health platform is an interoperable platform designed to house the tools, resources and support needed to manage a variety of health care issues and conditions in one place.


You can build your own digital health platform with targeted solutions for your population. The product can be white-labeled to align with your brand.


Our digital health platform fully integrates with existing solutions you may have as well as the curated suite of capabilities we offer, including virtual care, at-home lab testing, and genomics.

Complete Care

What’s included?

  • Dedicated primary care physician
  • 24/7 urgent care access is included
  • Integrated Behavioral Health
  • Actionable genetic testing, including hereditary disease risk and pharmacogenomics (PGx)

Bringing together the best of preventative care, with a coordinated model that includes primary care and behavioral health.


A population health care model designed to improve health outcomes, reduce medical spend, and deliver top-tier member satisfaction.

Powered by Genomics

Optional genetic testing focuses on pharmacogenomics (PGx) and hereditary disease risk to tailor treatment to each person’s unique needs.

Virtual Primary Care


What’s included?

  • Dedicated primary care physician
  • Comprehensive risk assessment enabling targeted care interventions
  • At-home screening tests
  • Care teams identify and manage chronic conditions on an ongoing basis

An integrated care team with board-certified primary care physicians enables whole-person care with a personal touch.


Patients receive lab and genomic testing kits shipped to their doorsteps, self-collect their samples, and mail them to the lab in a pre-paid package, all from the comfort of their homes.


A proactive approach that includes at-home labs and risk stratification enables early intervention to improve patient experience and outcomes.

Virtual Primary Care


What’s included?

  • Dedicated primary care physician
  • Comprehensive risk assessment enabling targeted care interventions
  • Integrated Prescriptions
  • Urgent Care 24/7 included
Contextual Care

Primary care physician dedicated to understanding your needs and developing a tailored care plan.

Easy Access

At-home genetic or lab screenings relevant to your health, sent directly to your front door.


Comprehensive risk assessment to identify health issues and inform targeted interventions.

Virtual Behavioral Health

What’s included?

  • Psychiatry and medication management
  • Therapy and counseling
  • Depression and anxiety screeners to deliver rapid treatment to those who need it most
  • Integrated Prescriptions sent to the patient’s preferred pharmacy

Recuro’s behavioral health services span both therapy and psychiatry.


Behavioral health risk assessments and stratification models enable tailored care.


While today behavioral healthcare is difficult to access for so many, at Recuro it is available and affordable.

Virtual Urgent Care

What’s included?

  • 24/7 access to board-certified doctors for common medical concerns
  • Live video, phone, and instant messaging options to meet each patient’s need
  • Prescriptions are automatically delivered to the patient’s preferred pharmacy

If needed, urgent care can seamlessly transition to Recuro’s ongoing virtual primary care to improve patient health and preempt future issues.


Patients can see a board-certified physician wherever they are, whenever they need it.


Patients receive personalized treatment plans based on their unique needs and can communicate follow-up questions to their doctors after the visit, free of charge.

Pediatric Behavioral Health

What’s included?

  • Family behavioral health provides highly specialized pediatric behavioral health clinical services
  • Self-guided and coach-supported skills training is available for parents and caregivers
  • Personalized treatment from therapists to speech experts provides help for conditions like anxiety, depression, ADHD, and disruptive behavior
Comprehensive Program

Multidisciplinary care teams provide personalized support through virtual visits with expert therapists and coaches and on-demand resources for parents and caregivers.

Growing Need

Mental health challenges among children have increased, which has had a profound effect on parents and caregivers.

Provides Key Support

Support parents and caregivers with the support they need to successfully manage both their personal and professional lives.

On-Demand Counseling

What’s included?

  • Unlimited Consultations where we support individuals on topics such as caregiving, selling a home, legal advice and more
  • Expert financial planning and consultation services
  • Legal Assistance with free over the phone or face-to-face legal consultations
  • Consultations and referrals for everyday issues such as dependent care, auto repair, pet care, and more
Flexible Support for Most Needs

Access to guidance and resource referrals, whether an individual is a new parent, a caregiver, selling their home or needs legal advice.

Mental Wellness Counseling

Providing confidential, professional counseling sessions for a wide variety of concerns.

Financial & Legal Guidance

Legal and financial experts are available, in addition to in-app calculators for budgeting, loans, mortgages, and more.

Health Advocacy

What’s included?

  • Health system navigation and care coordination to make the right care choices, understand options and remove stress
  • Assistance in negotiating fees with healthcare providers
  • Identifying leading health institutions, Centers of Excellence, and medical providers
  • Explanation of coverage and alternative coverage options
Personalized Navigation

Tailored approach to helping each individual navigate the complexities of the healthcare system, based on their specific needs.

Care Quality & Outcomes

Health advocates help individuals become smarter healthcare consumers by optimizing their networks with high-quality, cost-effective care.

Cost Optimization

Skilled negotiators review medical bills, resolve errors, and obtain discounts and payment enhanced arrangements.

Condition Management

What’s included?

  • From medical device integrations to symptom tracking, patient data ensure care is personalized and effective
  • AI-based algorithms learn patient preferences, needs, and patterns to deliver the right advice at the right time
  • The digital care management platform is clinically proven and scientifically backed to deliver the best results
AI Learning

AI engine learns and adapts to user inputs and provides real time messages to ensure precise coaching.

Medical Device Integrations

Device agnostic solution that can sync with hundreds of medical devices and trackers (like Fitbit) and import lab and pharmacy data.

Care Team Coordination

Patients can communicate with their care teams about their care progress and share real-time data and reports.

Companion Care

What’s included?

  • Help with common needs such as yard work, meal prep and groceries, transportation, and technology
  • Companionship to address loneliness and ensure needs are met
  • Support of family caregivers who manage the medical, social, and day-to-day needs of their loved ones
  • Available nurses and social workers to address needs and answer key questions
Social Support & Companionship

Help connecting individuals with expert care advisors to support them and their loved ones.


Connecting Companions to help care for aging or ill loved ones, children or themselves.

Nurse & Social Worker Advice

Dedicated Social Workers and Nurse Care Advisors provide additional support and expertise through messaging and video.

Caregiver Support

What’s included?

  • Family caregiving service available via an easy-to-use, digital platform
  • Advisors are available via mobile messaging and video
  • Caregivers have a dedicated Social Worker or Nurse Care Advisor
  • A needs assessment informs a personalized plan to support the caregiver and their loved one
Improved Presenteeism

Reduced absenteeism and improved employee engagement when caregivers receive the support they need.

Employee Retention

Improved employee satisfaction and retention through a benefit that helps them manage both work and life at home.

Health Outcomes

Reduced stress and anxiety, decreased depression, and improved overall health.

COVID Platform

What’s included?

  • Mobile and web-based COVID testing platform
  • Virtual test proctoring
  • Reporting dashboard integrating employee tests from any location

Single app and reporting solution to manage COVID testing across a population.

Secure Portal

App guides employees to self-collect samples and report results through a secure portal.

Results Verification

Reporting dashboard integrates employee tests from any location and enables real-time viewing.

Scalable & Secure

Customizable Digital Platform

Security &
Data Privacy