A holistic platform that enables integrated care, risk stratification and diagnostics, tailored to your population.

Proactive Recuro evolves health care from a reactive, disease-focused system to a personalized and proactive Digital Medical HomeTM, enabling better treatment and more efficient care. Learn More Holistic Recuro provides a curated suite of digital solutions that enables consumers to actively engage in their health no matter their location or circumstance. Learn More Integrated All solutions are fully integrated, allowing streamlined information exchange between our primary care and behavioral health teams as well as testing and screening tools. This enables delivery of the most personalized and effective care. Learn More Customizable Our digital medical home is agile and can be tailored to meet your needs whether that’s quick access to primary care and behavioral health physicians, at-home testing and screening tools or risk stratification support. Learn More

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Managing OSHA Mandates for COVID-19 Tracking & Testing - Supporting Compliance in the Workplace

Date: Tuesday, December 14, 2021 - 2:00 p.m. ET |11 a.m. PT

Upcoming Recuro Health Webinar Supports Employers, Brokers, TPAs, Benefits Consultants, and the self-funded industry with OSHA COMPLIANCE FOR COVID-19 VACCINE TRACKING AND TESTING. Attendance at this Webinar is a must for all stakeholders.

COVID Back-to-Work Testing

Recuro’s structured solution provides employees with a safe, convenient, and confidential at-home and worksite lab testing experience.



Managed Care Organizations,
Health Plans


Self-insured Employers
and Plan Sponsors


Physicians, IPAs, Health Systems
and Accountable Care Organizations


Individuals and
Family Enrollees


Build your digital health platform with customized solutions to meet your population’s health needs and goals—from primary care and behavioral health to at-home lab testing and genetic screening. Learn more about our curated digital solutions below.

Integrated team of top primary care and behavioral health physicians to provide unbiased, confidential care through message-based and video interactions.

At-home lab testing for more than 90 diseases, including COVID-19 rapid testing.

DNA testing to identify and predict health issues and conditions, understand risk and develop personalized and proactive care plans.

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