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Diagnostics Companies

We enable diagnostics companies with virtual solutions that increase access

Recuro Health specializes in offering virtual care solutions tailored for diagnostics companies. Our telehealth offerings play a crucial role in providing follow-up care, reviewing test results, and scheduling virtual appointments. Recuro enables end-to-end care experiences that support diagnostic testing services. Our advanced health ecosystem contributes to better patient outcomes by addressing gaps in care through improved accessibility.

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All Virtual Solutions

All of Recuro’s virtual solutions are fully integrated, device agnostic, and configurable in order to increase care access.

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Recuro Primary Care

Schedule virtual visits for proactive care management and preventative health screenings.

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Recuro Urgent Care

Need immediate care? Access board-certified physicians across all 50 states with a rapid response time of 9 minutes or less.

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Recuro Behavioral Health

Speak with a licensed psychiatrist, counselor, or mental health professional with integrated prescriptions.

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Patient-Centric Solutions

Diagnostic Care Services

"Biomarkers and diagnostic testing are crucial data points when examining the whole person. That's where Recuro comes in. We enable diagnostic companies by providing virtual care solutions that ensure patients receive the best outcomes possible - this means more access to personalized treatments."

Allison MartinEVP Diagnostics, Co-Founder
Seamless Integration

Seamless integration improves accessibility and streamlines costs

Patient Convenience

Provides patients the ability to easily view and manage their test results

Early Intervention

Virtual follow-ups help craft personalized treatment plans

Primary Access

Patients access a dedicated primary care physician to review test results

Providing patients peace of mind

Recuro Health revolutionizes the way diagnostics companies empower patients through virtual care solutions that seamlessly support preventative testing. Our telehealth solutions prioritize proactive care by enabling patients with the convenience to set virtual pre and post-testing consults to review diagnostic results and create personalized treatment plans. With increased access to Recuro Primary Care, patients work directly with a dedicated doctor to take proactive steps to better manage their health. Through patient engagement, we create a guided care experience that includes actionable insights, recurring reminders, and integrated test results directly within the Recuro Care app. This increases patient compliance, engagement, and health outcomes. Recuro Primary Care physicians assess lab results and provide clear next steps for testing, prescriptions, and any required treatment. Best of all there’s no waiting room, no delayed appointments, and no travel time.

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Deliver insights that bring patients new hope. Comprehensive testing combined with Recuro Primary Care provides data-driven decisions to improve patient care.


Clearer answers and faster diagnosis. Diagnostic testing for disease pathologies can help shorten the time to diagnose – saving time, money, and lives!


Provide convenience and access with seamless in-app integration. Virtual consults help patients avoid delayed care and increases accessibility for rural populations.

Early Detection & Cancer Screenings

At Recuro Health, we’re building a future where physicians can more efficiently diagnose conditions, and patients have better access to easily understand their results. With Recuro’s various diagnostic tests available, we can detect certain types of cancer and precancerous growths early. Our diagnostic tests empower providers and patients to take proactive steps toward treatment, potentially saving lives and improving outcomes. Preventative care is a cornerstone of long-term health – potentially extending patient’s lives. This includes regular healthcare screenings, lab tests, check-ups, and guided care aimed at averting the onset of illnesses, diseases, and other health-related issues. These services can also identify problems at an early stage when treatment is most likely to be effective and less costly. Recuro enables diagnostic companies with a seamless platform to provide this level of quality care.

Integrated Solutions to Close Care Gaps

Recuro Health partners with some of the world’s largest diagnostic companies to combine the power of quality lab diagnostics with convenient at-home virtual care options to help efficiently close gaps in care and improve population health. Our end-to-end solution helps health plans and providers improve quality measurement performance, attract new members, lower costs, and improve access to care. Enabling diagnostic companies with comprehensive virtual solutions is a critical step in closing care gaps and risk adjustment. Lab tests are a vital link in identifying, diagnosing and monitoring chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and chronic kidney disease that account for a disproportionate amount of healthcare costs. As a nationwide leader in virtual care, Recuro Health offers solutions that make the process easy for providers to care for their patients – no matter where each member is along their care journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Recuro provide diagnostic patients with guided care?

In the pre and post-testing phase, our telehealth platform provides diagnostic companies the ability to provide comprehensive care to their patients based on their diagnostic and personalized date. Recuro’s virtual care solutions offer convenience, accessibility, and immediate consultations to ensure patients are not left waiting. Whether patients need further clarification, prescriptions, or guidance on necessary treatments, Recuro physicians are readily available to assess their diagnostic results and offer clear next steps. This approach ensures a streamlined and patient-centric experience in the ongoing management of their health.

How does Recuro educate patients to better manage their health?

Awareness is the first step in maintaining and monitoring patient health. Wellness screenings provide first-time and repeat participants the opportunity to get a quick and easy “snapshot” of their health. Diagnostic testing is a critical part of each patient’s wellness program, designed to help them improve their understanding of their health using the biometric and clinical data they provide. More specifically, wellness screening can provide the following…

  • Can help patients understand their health from the inside out and provide insights into risks and strengths that are helpful to know about, giving them a holistic picture of their health outlook
  • Can help patients find out what they are doing well. Often, patients don’t know what’s working because they don’t see immediate results. However, underlying indicators may prove progress is being made.
  • Can help patients make the most out of their treatment by focusing on behaviors that they can change with the most impact to improve their health
  • Can help patients facilitate a collaborative relationship with their physician to take charge of their health

How can diagnostics impact urgent care costs?

Allergies are a great example. Patients may experience allergy-like symptoms but aren’t sure if allergies are the cause. This can lead to unnecessary urgent care visits and avoidable medical costs. Allergy testing can help identify the cause of patient symptoms. That’s where Recuro comes in. Diagnostic companies are best suited doing what they do best – facilitating test results. Recuro then integrates this data seamlessly into our virtual care platform to provide comprehensive follow-up care to the patient. This diagnostics data keeps both the member and their primary care physician better informed to manage their health and relieve symptoms. Patients can expect to learn…

  • How to understand how allergens and allergy testing work.
  • Get answers about which allergens are driving the most reactive symptoms and how to avoid them.
  • Learn how the body reacts to common allergens and environmental causes.

How can virtual primary care empower cancer prevention?

Recuro empowers diagnostic companies to provide crucial support to potentional cancer patients interpreting their test results and managing care options. Navigating the intricate landscape of cancer treatment, Recuro facilitates the connection of insights from patients, trials, health systems, and managed care partners to inform decisions that enhance patient outcomes. Following diagnostic tests, Recuro equips patients with tools to guide them throughout their health journey – from scheduling screenings and preventive care to diagnosis and identifying evidence-based treatments. Our solutions enable members to effectively track their progress under the management of a Recuro Primary Care physician while leveraging diagnostic data to inform care decisions.

Are integrated diagnostic results confidential?

Yes. Recuro Health and our providers value and understand that patient privacy is very important and we have put many steps in place to assure confidentiality. All information obtained from patient diagnostic testing is Protected Health Information (PHI) and is secured in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Patient employers will not have access to individual results.

Increased Accessibility for Consistent Care

  • Recuro closes care gaps by making it easy for patients to understand their test results, and adhere to treatment plans. 

  • Our dedicated Recuro Primary Care physicians support patients along their care journey, providing end-to-end guidance.

  • Recuro Health configures our care solutions to meet your population’s needs – offering seamless diagnostics integration.

  • Our advanced approach to patient privacy goes beyond data collection and analytics to combine risk adjustment, quality measurements, and data integrity. 

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  • Promotes compliance and improves quality performance
  • Reduces costs, eliminating waste and improving care optimization
  • Enhances patient experience and increases patient satisfaction


  • Simplifies managing patient populations with virtual solutions
  • Improves quality performance with accurate results & patient adherence
  • Improves patient outcomes, resulting in care sustainability


  • Improves workforce health and reduces costs
  • Supports employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Increases productivity and long-term health benefits


  • Improves patients’ quality of life
  • Offers flexible, convenient and accessible careoptions
  • Provides patients the ability to easily view and manage their test results

Success Stories

Patients are raving about Recuro Health’s virtual care services, citing improved access to healthcare, personalized treatment plans, and prompt medical attention as game-changers in their healthcare experience. Read their stories below!

"The doctor was very professional and kind. He was concerned for my health and asked me lots of questions to find a solution for my concerns. I ended up taking a Health Risk Assessment so I can have a better understanding of health big picture. I am excited to get my results, I want to know how to improve my outlook."

Recuro PatientGalveston, TX

"The doctor was absolutely amazing! I've been not feeling great for months and I feel like she actually listened to my concerns and gave me the best course of action. She really put me at ease and I will absolutely schedule a follow-up appointment."

Recuro PatientSeattle, WA

"It is such a relief having the Recuro Health app! I forgot to get my refill in time and was having withdrawal symptoms. It took 35min from making my appointment to picking up my prescription. I can honestly say without Recuro, I would have simply forgotten to take my medication. I've never had this kind of support system."

Recuro PatientDallas, TX

"Thank you for calling me so quickly. The doctor was patient, kind, knowledgeable and called me in a prescription. I didn't have to leave my house to see a doctor, or sit in a waiting room filled with other sick patients. I live with my eldery parents and I can't afford to bring home something that would get them sick - this was super convenient!"

Recuro PatientBakersfield, CA

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