HITRUST Certified

Recuro Health is HITRUST Certified

Recuro Health takes privacy and security seriously, that’s why we’ve gone through a rigorous process to achieve a HITRUST Certification. HITRUST plays a crucial role in ensuring the highest level of IT protection for patient data through an in-depth systems analysis and quality measure of Recuro’s infrastructure, platform, and services.

What is HITRUST?

Recuro Health’s HITRUST certification signifies adherence to the Health Information Trust Alliance standards, established in 2007 to streamline data management and compliance, particularly within healthcare. This certification, provided by the HITRUST Alliance, allows vendors and covered entities to showcase their compliance with HIPAA regulations through a standardized framework, assuring stakeholders of robust security measures.

Secure Data Management

Recuro Health’s HITRUST certification is a testament to its commitment to effective data management and compliance within the healthcare sector. HITRUST, founded with the goal of simplifying information risk management, offers a consolidated approach to third-party assurance assessments. This “assess once, report many” strategy, integral to HITRUST’s design, reduces redundancy and enhances efficiency in compliance reporting, providing peace of mind to vendors, covered entities, and stakeholders alike.


Please reach out to our Security Compliance Team if you have any questions regarding Recuro’s platform capabilities and best practices.

HITRUST Certificate

Why It Matters

What is the difference between HITRUST and HIPAA?

HITRUST vs HIPAA: While HIPAA serves as a legal mandate developed by lawmakers, HITRUST emerges as a robust framework crafted by security industry experts, encompassing HIPAA elements. Going beyond HIPAA’s requirements by adding additional data security best practices, HITRUST integrates them into a security and risk-based framework. Recuro Health’s HITRUST certification demonstrates our adherence to these best practices and HIPAA-mandated security controls. As highlighted by the HHS, HIPAA requires covered entities to enforce appropriate administrative, technical, and physical controls to safeguard protected health information (PHI). Recuro Health’s HITRUST certification demonstrates our commitment to implementing these safeguards effectively.

Why is a HITRUST certification important?

Having a HITRUST certification is crucial for demonstrating compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory requirements. Without it, providers, payers, and patients may be unsure if their protected health information (PHI) is adequately safeguarded. Recuro Health’s HITRUST certification provides a clear signal of compliance, instilling confidence in our partners and customers. Moreover, achieving HITRUST certification sets Recuro Health as a leader in data security and privacy. The frameworks and controls required to be in place not only helps mitigate risks of attacks and breaches but also ensures ongoing compliance amidst evolving threats and regulations. With Recuro Health, you not only protect your business but also enhance trust and loyalty among stakeholders, gaining a competitive edge in the market.

How can HITRUST make a difference for Recuro's clients?

Diagnostics Companies
  • HITRUST aligns best practices with HIPAA, offering a structured security framework.
  • Crucial for diagnostics firms to demonstrate compliance and credibility.
  • Signals adherence to standards, aiding in business growth and partnerships.

Recuro Health’s HITRUST certification is crucial for diagnostics companies within the healthcare sector as it demonstrates a structured framework aligning security practices with HIPAA’s stringent requirements. Given the significant volume of protected health information (PHI) handled by diagnostics companies, ensuring its confidentiality, integrity, and availability is crucial. Recuro Health’s HITRUST certification provides a standardized and measurable method to demonstrate controls are in place for the protection of protected health information.

About Diagnostics
  • Recuro Health empowers TPAs with virtual care and emphasizes PHI importance.
  • Ensures HIPAA compliance and robust security for TPAs.
  • Certification enhances TPAs’ credibility as trusted partner in secure data management.

Recuro Health empowers Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) by providing access to virtual care services. Recuro Health’s HITRUST certification is indispensable for TPAs as it demonstrates Recuro Health’s adherence to HIPAA regulations and other essential security standards. Unlike HIPAA alone, HITRUST offers a more comprehensive approach by integrating HIPAA requirements into a robust security and risk management framework. TPAs, often handling sensitive health data on behalf of healthcare providers and payers, face heightened risks of cyber threats and breaches. Our HITRUST certification gives TPAs the confidence knowing Recuro Health is mitigating the risk of data breaches and safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their PHI. By aligning with Recuro Health, TPAs differentiate themselves from competitors and position themselves as trustworthy partners for healthcare organizations seeking secure data management solutions.

About Aggregators
Health Plans/MCOs/Payers
  • Empowers Health Plan patients with a highly rated platform across both security and privacy.
  • Ensures robust PHI protection beyond HIPAA, crucial for safeguarding healthcare data.
  • Demonstrates compliance credibility, and mitigates risks, fostering long-term success for payers.

Recuro Health empowers Health Plans to offer access to virtual care services to their members, thereby enhancing their star ratings and improving population health outcomes. In today’s increasingly digitized healthcare landscape, working with HITRUST certified vendors is crucial for health plans entrusted with safeguarding vast amounts of sensitive health information. While HIPAA sets forth essential security controls, HITRUST surpasses these requirements by offering a comprehensive framework that integrates HIPAA mandates with additional security measures. By using Recuro Health, health plans not only fortify their security posture but also bolster trust and confidence among stakeholders, fostering long-term success and sustainability in the healthcare industry.

About Health Plans