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Improve member connections while optimizing care, cost, and utilization with a digital health solution tailored to scale across populations

Put members in control of their health and promote positive behaviors with personalized care paths. Using Recuro Health’s virtual platform and analytic insights, Health Plans can take a data-driven approach to care management to equip patients and physicians with real-time, actionable insights into each member’s overall health. Whether it’s Recuro Primary Care, Behavioral Health, or Urgent Care – we provide a customized experience that enables patients to proactively manage their health and consistently drive engagement!

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Recuro Primary Care

Schedule virtual visits for proactive care management and preventative health screenings.

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Recuro Urgent Care

Need immediate care? Access board-certified physicians across all 50 states with a rapid response time of 9 minutes or less.

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Recuro Behavioral Health

Speak with a licensed psychiatrist, counselor, or mental health professional with integrated prescriptions.

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All Virtual Solutions

All of Recuro’s virtual solutions are fully integrated, device agnostic, and configurable in order to increase care access.

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Prioritize Prevention

Improved Outcomes

"Recuro Health's physicians have been instrumental in assisting health plans to identify high-risk and high-cost members and implement precisely tailored interventions to enhance the management of their healthcare needs. This integrated approach not only fosters better health outcomes but also ensures efficient healthcare delivery and cost optimization for health plans and their valued members."

Dr. Kate SowerwineChief Medical Officer - Recuro Health
Nationwide Access

Servicing Patients Across All 50 States

High Utilization

High Performing Member Utilization

92% Satisfaction

Excellent Member Satisfaction Score

5+ Awards

National HHS & NIH Recognition

Reach new populations and promote health equity with individualized care

With Recuro Health, health plans can implement a consistent and clinically based care model across member populations with unique conditions. Personalized proactive care management extends access and reach driving additional capabilities and cost effectiveness through the integration of an data-driven digital health platform. By partnering with Recuro, health plans deliver a seamless, personalized, and secure care experience that reaches rural populations most impacted by hospital and physician shortages.

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Medicare & Medicaid

How Recuro’s solutions are aiding Medicare & Medicaid with population data

Medicare and Medicaid Health Plans frequently encounter challenges with their virtual care models, which may lead to low engagement, resulting in subpar quality measurement compliance and undocumented health conditions, impacting member satisfaction. Through a comprehensive approach to member engagement and outreach, Recuro Health’s partners frequently observe month-to-month improvements in virtual service utilization, leading to enhanced risk score accuracy and elevated performance in quality measurements.

The company offers their clients a comprehensive care solution, including gap identification analytics and at-home diagnostics, aimed at boosting member usage, ensuring precise HCC coding, and improving quality measurement rates. These services are clinically compliant and precise in a top-tier virtual care environment. Supported by a network of 1,500+ NCQA-certified physicians, Recuro provides coverage in all 50 states with high patient satisfaction.


Safely integrate evidence-based, cutting-edge technology to elevate your current care management workflows, systems, and programs.


Drive meaningful results by empowering members to better manage their health, including chronic conditions and comorbidities.


Accelerate analytic driven decisions to better serve member populations using in-home labs to acquire diagnostic and genomic data to improve condition management and close gaps in care.

Genomically Informed
Care Decisions

Leverage existing Recuro technology and services to focus on targeting the right members and accurately assessing risk and quality gaps with genomically informed encounters. Genetic testing allows Recuro to proactively identify some of the top undocumented chronic illnesses through biomarker linking. Other notable conditions with biomarker linking include Alzheimer’s Disease, Breast and Prostate Cancers, Metabolic Syndrome, High Blood Pressure, and Stroke. Recuro Health’s healthcare solutions play a pivotal role in identifying previously undetected underlying health conditions among our health plan clients’ member populations. Our sophisticated approach empowers members to proactively embrace preventive healthcare measures and seamlessly manage their well-being.

Accuracy, Integration, and Engagement

Recuro’s solution drives member utilization, improves risk score accuracy, and measures performance in response to the growing challenges for health plans & MCOs. Today, payers are faced with low engagement, lack of quality measurements, undiagnosed conditions, and underwhelming member satisfaction. Recuro’s care platform presents a comprehensive care delivery solution that improves member utilization, enhances HCC coding acuity, and advances quality measurement rates through clinically compliant, accurate, and high-quality virtual care services. Best of all, Recuro’s flexible platform and custom care model can be fully configured, white-labeled, and integrated into any organization’s benefits structure to drive more meaningful engagement.

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How Recuro Primary Care is Changing Healthcare

Member and physician engagement is a pivotal focus for Recuro Health, utilizing diverse communication channels such as texts, social media, emails, and incentives to foster active participation in health management. By effectively leveraging these telemedicine tools, we can strengthen the patient/physician relationships, improve care plan management, and ultimately drive better health outcomes for our members. Watch the full video here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Recuro provide health plans more analytic insights?

Recuro Health offers Health Plans a powerful analytics solution, saving time and money by efficiently aggregating data and ensuring accurate gap identification and engagement strategies. This includes clinical gap identification for Risk Adjustment and Quality Measurement Gaps, as well as Engagement Analytics to target receptive population cohorts for tailored outreach campaigns.

What engagement strategies does Recuro offer health plans?

Recuro Health offers Health Plans a compelling engagement solution, combining physical and digital outreach methods for superior results. Our value proposition lies in the expertise to handle this operationally tedious task efficiently and effectively, ensuring favorable outcomes.

How does Recuro improve quality risk scores for health plans?

In Risk and Quality, it’s very very important to document the workflow via clinical compliant methods. We provide value by letting the customer know that our process is just that. Compliance with all the clinical documentation they need to support their reimbursement process with CMS.

How do virtual solutions help reduce care costs?

Recuro Health’s virtual solutions increase member engagement by increasing accessibility and convenience resulting in better health outcomes and less unnecessary claim costs. Traditional care means patients had to go to the doctor. Modern healthcare meets patients on their terms – either in their home, work, or wherever is most convenient for them. The result is patients are more invested in proactive solutions to better manage their health regularly.

How does coordinated care improve member outcomes?

Effective care coordination is crucial to ensuring that members receive appropriate and timely healthcare services. With Recuro’s all-inclusive care model health plans can improve the coordination of care among different care providers and integrated solutions. By identifying high-risk or high-cost members, health plans can provide targeted interventions to better manage that member’s healthcare needs. This can also involve care management programs for individuals with chronic conditions or complex medical histories.

Why is member satisfaction and engagement so important to health plans?

Encouraging members to adopt healthy lifestyles and preventive healthcare measures makes all the difference. This includes promoting regular check-ups and screenings to detect and address health issues early. Satisfied members are more likely to stay enrolled and follow recommended healthcare guidelines. Using Recuro’s Health platform, health plans can aim to engage members through multiple communication channels and offer tools and resources that empower members to take control of their healthcare decisions. Personalized communication and support are key to building trust and fostering a positive relationship between members and health plans.

Onboarding & utilization has never been easier for care models

  • Customized, year-long member engagement

  • Smart, personalized communications

  • High utilization solutions

  • Easy onboarding and maintenance via an online dashboard

  • Quarterly reporting to measure hard-dollar savings

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Risk & Quality Monitoring

Recuro’s comprehensive solution ensures that Risk Adjustment HCC’s and Quality measures are addressed during a virtual visit ultimately impacting closure of clinical gaps in care.

Holistic Virtual Care

Holistic virtual care services, including primary care, urgent care, behavioral health and a suite of supplemental benefits such as chronic care management, pharmacy and care navigation – all on one platform.

Improved Care Accessibility

Rapid appointment availability and a national network of virtual physicians improve access to underserved populations. Members receive access to an extensive and diverse physician network throughout all 50 states.

Testing & Diagnostics

Health plan members receive seamless at-home screening labs and diagnostics testing delivered directly to the patient’s home with detailed instructions and a prepaid return label.

Unmatched Utilization

Our comprehensive engagement strategy drives utilization that is unmatched by the competition, leading to ROI that you won’t find anywhere else.

Integrated Benefits

Integrated benefits feature several key offerings, ranging from Condition Management to Caregiver Support. Each configuration is fully customizable and seamlessly integrates into any existing vendor ecosystems.

Coordinated Care

Member receives access to a dedicated primary care physician who coordinates their personalized health plan across VPC, Urgent Care, and Behavioral Health.

Easy Prescriptions

Save time and money by offering integrated prescriptions across care services. Medication is automatically sent to each member’s preferred local pharmacy.

Success Stories

Patients are raving about Recuro Health’s virtual care services, citing improved access to healthcare, personalized treatment plans, and prompt medical attention as game-changers in their healthcare experience. Read their stories below!

"It is such a relief having the Recuro Health app! I forgot to get my refill in time and was having withdrawal symptoms. It took 35min from making my appointment to picking up my prescription. I can honestly say without Recuro, I would have simply forgotten to take my medication. I've never had this kind of support system."

Recuro PatientDallas, TX

"The doctor was very professional and kind. He was concerned for my health and asked me lots of questions to find a solution for my concerns. I ended up taking a Health Risk Assessment so I can have a better understanding of health big picture. I am excited to get my results, I want to know how to improve my outlook."

Recuro PatientGalveston, TX

"Thank you for calling me so quickly. The doctor was patient, kind, knowledgeable and called me in a prescription. I didn't have to leave my house to see a doctor, or sit in a waiting room filled with other sick patients. I live with my eldery parents and I can't afford to bring home something that would get them sick - this was super convenient!"

Recuro PatientBakersfield, CA

"The doctor was absolutely amazing! I've been not feeling great for months and I feel like she actually listened to my concerns and gave me the best course of action. She really put me at ease and I will absolutely schedule a follow-up appointment."

Recuro PatientSeattle, WA

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