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Recuro Urgent Care

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What's Included?

Between the ever-increasing cost of healthcare and the exponential growth of technology, access has never been more important. Our urgent care solution connects patients virtually with tools and services for a smoother, more cost-effective healthcare experience. Patients connect to board-certified doctors for treatment of common medical concerns with ongoing communication with their doctor. Our urgent care solution provides unlimited 24/7 access for patients and their families. When you or a family member is sick, how can you get expert help and guidance? Recuro’s urgent care is available virtually at the touch of a button.

Capability Description
24/7 Access Recuro physicians are available whenever our patients need them, day or night
Multi-Channel Options Live video, phone, and messaging options let each patient receive care the way they like
Integrated Prescriptions Prescriptions are immediately sent to the patient’s preferred pharmacy for easy pickup
Consult Transcription Consults can be recorded and transcribed, allowing patients continuous access to information
Primary Care Coordination Primary care and behavioral health can be integrated with urgent care

If needed, urgent care can seamlessly transition to Recuro’s ongoing virtual primary care to improve patient health and preempt future issues.


Patients can see a board-certified physician wherever they are, whenever they need it.


Patients receive personalized treatment plans based on their unique needs and can communicate follow-up questions to their doctors after the visit, free of charge.

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Reimagining Digital Healthcare

Our easy-to-use app and member portal website lets patients communicate virtually, in real-time, with their providers. Patients don’t need to worry about privacy concerns either –  their entire virtual care visit is completely private and in compliance with HIPAA laws, and only authorized users can access any data shared. Here, patients can send images or videos of concerning symptoms through our platform, and a physician can discuss them quickly. If a patient needs a prescription, Recuro sends one electronically to the patient’s preferred pharmacy. Our virtual urgent care product is built for convenience, and patients can complete their entire treatment session without having to leave their homes. Download our flyer to learn more!

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Product Features

24/7 Access
Multi-Channel Options
Integrated Prescriptions
Consult Transcription
Primary Care Coordination
Acne / Rashes
Seasonal Allergies
Cold / Flu / Cough
GI Issues
Fever / Headache
Nausea / Vomiting
UTIs / Vaginitis
And More

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