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Recuro Primary Care

Choose a consistent provider who meets your unique medical needs – together they’ll coordinate all your care and medication.

Recuro Behavioral Health

Book a mental health consult across therapy, counseling, and psychiatry – prescriptions are sent to your preferred pharmacy.

Recuro Urgent Care

Access unlimited 24/7 virtual urgent care visits for patients and their families – set your appointment in less than 10 min.


Proactive virtual care solutions, that prioritize the patient & prevention

Connection is our key to success. Whether it’s connecting patients, doctors, therapists, psychiatrists or pharmacies, Recuro delivers personalized treatment plans and cross-functional coordinated care for our members. Simply put, our business is about removing barriers to access. When these two forces come together, you get two results – better health outcomes and substantial cost savings.

Nationwide Providers

Board-Certified Physicians, Top 5% of Medical Specialists, 92% Member Satisfaction

40% of Americans have skipped care due to costs or delayed appointments. Without routine consultations, the likelihood of costly care increases exponentially. Whether your seeking advice on a diagnosis, treatment plan, or surgery – rest assured you have 24/7 access to board-certified doctors, licensed nurses, and world-renowned specialists.

About Providers

Meet Dr. Kate Sowerwine, CMO

“Getting a regular checkup has never been easier or more important. Chronic diseases are on the rise… Recuro’s virtual first platform is tackling the issue head-on by integrating genomic testing, at-home labs, and health risk assessments into our consults. These data-driven insights are enabling health plans the tools to support their populations while also giving patients the information they need to take control of their health. It’s a win/win for everyone!”

Dr. Kate Sowerwine

Chief Medical Officer,
Recuro Health

What our patients have to say…


Nationwide telehealth access across all 50 states

92% Patient satisfaction score across virtual care services

High utilization and regular member engagement strategies

Don’t take our word for it, the results speak for themselves…

Discover Employer Benefits

Outcomes & Savings

Increased care access drives significant savings for employers, health plans, and patients!

$250B estimated savings across Medicare & Medicaid

McKinsey estimates that up to $250 billion, or 20% of all Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial outpatient, office, and home health spending could be done virtually 1. Only 5% of virtual visits result in the need for an in-person exam. 2

77% of US counties are lacking mental health providers

Patients are waiting 5-6 weeks for in-person mental health consults. 3 With Recuro Behavioral Health, patients (and their dependents) get access to licensed psychiatrists and therapists when and where they need it most across all 50 states!

Avoidable ER visits cost approximately $47B a year

ER visits cost 12x higher on average than a doctor’s office. 4 Unnecessary ER visits waste more than $47 Billion in healthcare spending each year. 5 30% of visits by patients with chronic conditions are potentially avoidable.6

60% of Americans don't have access to Primary Care

91% of patients are more likely to choose a provider who offers telehealth appointments than those who don’t. 7 Meanwhile, 85% of patients say their concerns were resolved with a consult that took less than 10min of wait time! 8


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