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Recuro’s Top 5 Key Components to Comprehensive Mental Health

Finding the most effective mental health resources to support your workforce can be a challenge. That’s why Recuro Health’s Virtual Behavioral Health services are built with engagement in mind. We understand that coordinated care between the member, primary physician, and their psychiatrist/therapist is crucial when it comes to accessing the RIGHT mental health resources depending on each patient’s unique medical needs. By comprehending the factors that drive employees to seek mental help – we can begin to understand the barriers they face – including access, cost, and confidentiality. Finding employers the right benefits solution including prescription integrations can make a real difference to the organization’s overall overhead – helping reduce absenteeism and claim costs.

According to a recent study, since the start of 2022, an astounding 65% of employers have witnessed an increase in accommodation and leave requests related to mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. This highlights the urgent need for a comprehensive mental health program in the workplace.

Here are key considerations to keep in mind when implementing a mental health program that will truly support your employees:

1.) Awareness:

Many employees are unaware of the mental health benefits offered by their companies. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) often go underutilized due to this lack of awareness. Additionally, employees may not realize that their employer-sponsored health insurance plans cover mental health treatment. At Recuro Health, we emphasize strong communication to engage and inform employees about the resources available to them. We provide organized, implemented, and funded employee awareness materials to ensure maximum engagement.

2.) Cost:

Affordability is a significant factor in determining the effectiveness of mental health benefits. While some employees may be willing to pay a copay for therapy or other care, a majority are more likely to access benefits when they are available at little or no cost to them. Research shows that half of American adults have delayed seeking care due to cost concerns. To truly support your employees, it’s crucial to examine their share of costs before committing to a mental health resource. We help you find cost-effective solutions that remove barriers to accessing care.

3.) Access:

Accessing mental healthcare can be challenging, with a severe shortage of psychiatrists and limited availability of counselors in many areas. This challenge is further amplified for employers managing remote workforces spread across different regions. Recuro Health offers solutions that connect employees with licensed counselors, regardless of their location, within just a few days. We prioritize accessibility and allow employees to select a counselor they feel most comfortable talking to. Additionally, our services offer translation capabilities if needed.

4.) Confidentiality:

Overcoming the stigma surrounding mental health is crucial in supporting your employees. Employees need to feel comfortable and assured of confidentiality when using mental health resources. Virtual mental health solutions, like the ones provided by Recuro Health, address confidentiality concerns and worries about stigma. With our services, individuals can access care from the comfort of their homes, ensuring privacy and discretion. We also assist in drafting internal policies and training managers to handle mental health information appropriately, fostering a culture of respect for mental health issues.

5.) Culturally Competent:

Cultural barriers can prevent employees from fully engaging in company-sponsored wellness activities. Inconvenience and a lack of employer support often contribute to hesitancy. At Recuro Health, we understand these barriers and work closely with you to design wellness benefit programs that address employee concerns. We promote participation by scaling company-wide education and awareness programs and encourage leadership involvement to create an inclusive and supportive wellness culture.

Don’t miss out on the power of Recuro Health’s virtual behavioral health services. We’re here to help you provide the most effective mental health resources for your workforce. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of employee well-being and productivity.


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