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Improve access and reduce healthcare claim costs by delivering proactive care benefits

Help employees get the care they need when they need it most. With convenient access to Recuro’s virtual first solutions (including Primary Care, Urgent Care, and Behavioral Health) employees feel better, faster. Keeping employees happy and healthy helps companies foster higher productivity and retention by offering better coverage. Imagine providing a solution that can help your staff avoid unnecessary emergency room visits… or better yet, a dedicated doctor who helps an employee catch cancer risks before they occur. That’s the power of Recuro Primary Care & Urgent Care. Together, we’re making advanced healthcare accessible!

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Recuro Primary Care

Schedule virtual visits for proactive care management and preventative health screenings.

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Recuro Urgent Care

Need immediate care? Access board-certified physicians across all 50 states with a rapid response time of 9 minutes or less.

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Recuro Behavioral Health

Speak with a licensed psychiatrist, counselor, or mental health professional with integrated prescriptions.

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All Virtual Solutions

All of Recuro’s virtual solutions are fully integrated, device agnostic, and configurable in order to increase care access.

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Prioritize Prevention

Employee Health

"We were so impressed by Recuro’s virtual solutions… boasting high utilization and engagement strategies, Recuro educates patients about care tools already available to them and how to maintain their health. Their customization, cutting edge technology, and seamless benefit integration further solidified our partnership."

Reid RasmussenCEO - Freshbenies
Nationwide Access

Servicing Patients Across All 50 States

High Utilization

High Performing Member Utilization

92% Satisfaction

Excellent Member Satisfaction Score

5+ Awards

National HHS & NIH Recognition

Give employees virtual care with high quality, high value

Recuro’s virtual solutions prioritize employee health, offering convenient access to comprehensive care options. This empowers employees to avoid long wait times and delayed appointments that could be booked months out. With virtual solutions, employees can reduce travel costs, and avoid taking unnecessary time off work. Appointments are made from the comfort of their home. Our Primary Care, Urgent Care, and Behavioral Health solutions ensure that employees can obtain the care they require precisely when they need it most, fostering faster recovery and well-being. With our personalized engagement approach, we consistently deliver industry-leading results, making a meaningful difference for both employers and their workforce.

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Strengthen your solutions with our data-driven platform to realize individualized care, conduct meaningful interventions, and achieve optimized health outcomes.


Increase connections between individuals and their care to help transform the support of chronic conditions and comorbidities.


TPAs can accelerate their time to market with an agile digital health solution that seamlessly integrates into existing offerings – giving employers more options and better coverage.

One End-to-End App Experience

Recuro Health empowers third-party administrators (TPAs) to seamlessly provide customizable care solutions to employers, ensuring enhanced access for employees. As a dedicated partner, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of TPAs, streamlining administrative tasks and enabling employers to deliver comprehensive care. Our commitment to personalization extends across our platform, where we craft a tailored app experience for each employee. Collaborating closely with your team, Recuro Health helps design a strategy that maximizes impact, freeing you to focus on other priorities by simplifying administrative account management. Our innovative care delivery platform consolidates all employee benefits into a single, mobile healthcare solution. You’ll receive timely reminders about plan updates, benefit changes, feature enhancements, and guidance on accessing cost-effective and convenient healthcare whenever it’s needed most.

Personalized Preventative Healthcare

Recuro offers best-in-class Primary Care, Urgent Care, and Behavioral Health solutions that can potentially save employers millions in claim costs while significantly enhancing their employees’ health outcomes. With Recuro, you’ll find a comprehensive package that includes competitive pricing, turn-key administrative solutions, and white-glove support – all from a single provider. We’re not just a partner; we’re on a personal mission to transform telehealth from mere “sick care” into proactive, preventative treatment plans. This dedication drives us to tailor our services to perfectly align with your specific needs. At Recuro Health, we collaborate with your team every step of the way – from fulfillment and onboarding to recurring engagement strategies we fit your organization’s unique requirements. This collaborative approach allows you to concentrate on growing your business and increasing profitability while we take care of your healthcare needs.

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Making Advanced Healthcare Accessible

Recuro Health is your personalized care delivery platform – we provide the benefits, and you select from our suite of digital solutions to design an integrated healthcare program that fits your organization’s healthcare needs. Our platform provides easy connectivity to multiple virtual care solutions – including Recuro Primary Care, Urgent Care, Behavioral Health, At-Home Labs, Genomics Testing, as well as a suite of supplemental benefits all on one platform. Watch the full video here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do virtual solutions help reduce costs?

Recuro Health’s virtual solutions increase employee productivity and reduce absenteeism by increasing accessibility and convenience. Traditional care means patients had to go to the doctor. Modern healthcare meets patients on their terms – either in their home, work, or wherever is most convenient for them. Employees take time off to deal with caregiver issues, doctor visits, negotiating their medical bills, behavioral health issues and more.

Which solutions drive the most savings for employers and employees?

Easy – Recuro Primary Care! Preventative care is critical to sustaining long-term health which can improve patient outcomes. Yet sadly, more than 100 Million Americans don’t have usual access to primary care. In order to receive regular, consistent care, choosing a Recuro Primary Care Physician (PCP) is Step 1. Whether it’s managing chronic conditions, prescribing medication, issuing referrals, or coordinating care – Recuro’s PCPs are basically each patient’s personal healthcare quarterback. Services include regular healthcare screenings, check-ups, and patient guidance aimed at preventing the onset of illnesses, diseases, and other health-related issues. These services can also detect issues at an early stage when treatment is likely to work best.  Our comprehensive Health Risk Assessment covers physical and behavioral health, lifestyle, and social determinants of health, helping identify issues early and informing proactive interventions.

What type of administrative support does Recuro provide?

Manage less and accomplish more. Recuro’s Account Management and Client Success teams support your efforts to deliver high-value products and services. We provide sales, marketing, billing and administrative support so you can grow your business. Engagement is critical to demonstrate value. Our utilization is above industry standards.

What does the onboarding process look like?

The right TEAM is critical – ask yourself… how are your clients onboarded? How are your client’s members encouraged and educated. This process is not just one-and-done. We incorporate best communication practices and high-touch customer service. Your success is our success.

How can Recuro divert unnecessary claims?

Help your groups achieve cost savings, lower PEPM costs, and increase engagement. Every time a member uses our platform, we are redirecting a claim or reducing costs to the employer. These savings alone, garner huge business! Recuro Health generates industry-leading utilization, which means fewer claims costs and higher commissions to you!

What engagement strategies does Recuro use?

Our comprehensive engagement strategy drives utilization that is unmatched by the competition, leading to ROI that you won’t find anywhere else. Depending on the group, engagement strategies ranging from direct mailers, email campaigns, and SMS text messaging can be implemented to drive member engagement and higher utilization. The key is to educate each employee on how to more effectively manage their health.

Can Recuro's platform be configured to my specific needs?

With a fully customizable platform – we can integrate any solution. Leverage our below-market pricing to save your clients money and reduce unnecessary claim costs. Fully integrates with existing solutions, as well as the curated suite of capabilities we offer, including virtual care, at-home lab testing and genomics.

We do the heavy-lifting to onboard employees and drive utilization

  • Customized, year-long employee engagement

  • Smart, personalized communications

  • High utilization solutions

  • Easy onboarding and maintenance via an online dashboard

  • Quarterly reporting to measure hard-dollar savings

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Below-Market Pricing

Best-in-class digital health products and solutions are below-market pricing with turn-key administration and white-glove support – your competitive advantage.

Holistic Virtual Care

Holistic virtual care services, including primary care, urgent care, behavioral health and a suite of supplemental benefits such as chronic care management, pharmacy and care navigation – all on one platform.

Diverse Physician Network

Member access to an extensive and diverse physician network throughout all 50 states.

Tailored Services

Tailored services to fit your customer health plan and benefits needs. We collaborate every step of the way, allowing you to focus on increasing commissions and driving profitability.

Unmatched Utilization

Our comprehensive engagement strategy drives utilization that is unmatched by the competition, leading to ROI that you won’t find anywhere else.

Customized Workflows

Configurations supporting customized workflows and integration of existing benefits.

Coordinated Care

Member receives access to a dedicated primary care physician who coordinates their personalized health plan across VPC, Urgent Care, and Behavioral Health.

Integrated Prescriptions

Save time and money by offering integrated prescriptions across care services. Medication is automatically sent to each member’s preferred local pharmacy.

Success Stories

Businesses come to Recuro Health for market differentiation benefit offerings.  More importantly, Recuro Health proactively provides marketing, sales, accounting and account management support. We have the testimonials that demonstrate our commitment!

We are changing the way people engage their healthcare and are excited to work with Recuro Health to do just that! These members will be more empowered to not only save their money and time, but also possibly their lives!

Chris FreedmanFounder - MyBenefitsLab

After seeing a demo of Recuro's Virtual Care Platform, my company immediately signed up - within 1 day we were able to customize the app's solutions to meet our members' needs. Now, we use it on 100% of our accounts!

Michael PerriAccount Director at Colonial Life

Thank you! I love the Recuro Health app and use if for all of my accounts! For pennies a day, my self-funded clients avoid the high cost of doctor office visits for minor but urgent conditions.

Thad AnderstonColonial Life Franchise

Clients love using Recuro's Virtual Care Platform and it helps me get new business. Best of all, I don't have to do any of the admin work. I use it with all of my accounts and it's super easy. I can now focus on growing new opportunities!

Kristin FluegelDistrict Development Manager at Colonial Life

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