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Recuro Primary Care

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What's Included?

Recuro’s Primary Care offering provides virtual access to top primary care physicians dedicated to understanding patient needs and developing a tailored care plan with ongoing access to care via message-based or video interactions. Patients can choose a consistent provider who meets their needs and preferences. Our comprehensive health assessments identify health issues early using an easy survey and/or at-home genetic or lab screenings, informing patients about targeted interventions. Lab tests are delivered to the patient’s doorstep and easily returned in prepaid packages. Patients also have access to a comprehensive health assessment that covers physical and behavioral health treatments. A segment of our providers are Spanish-speaking, and the entire Recuro network has access to multilingual services, which can be accessed from the portal during a consultation. Best of all, all patients also get 24/7 urgent care access included in our primary care solution.

Capability Description
Dedicated Physician Patients can choose a consistent provider who meets their needs and preferences
At-Home Labs Lab tests are delivered to patients’ doorsteps, easily returned to the lab in prepaid packages
Genomics Optional, targeted genetic testing to tailor medications (PGx) and identify elevated risk for hereditary conditions
Integrated Prescriptions Prescriptions are immediately sent to the patient’s preferred pharmacy for easy pickup
Health Risk Assessment A comprehensive risk assessment covers physical and behavioral health, lifestyle, and other areas
Condition Management Care teams identify and manage chronic conditions on an ongoing basis
Integrated Urgent Care 24/7 urgent care access is included in the primary care solution

An integrated care team with board-certified primary care physicians enables whole-person care with a personal touch.


Market-leading patient access means no long appointment waits or barriers to accessing care.


A proactive approach that includes risk stratification enables early intervention to improve patient experience and outcomes.

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Reimagining Digital Healthcare

Recuro’s primary care solution helps bridge the healthcare gap with our virtual approach to care. According to the Wellness Council of America, 70% of all physician visits can be handled over the phone, and 40% of urgent care visits can be managed using virtual solutions. Today’s consumers cannot get easy and reliable access to healthcare. The average appointment wait time for all specialties is 18.5 days. The result is that patients clog emergency rooms to the tune of 129.8 million visits a year in the U.S. Our physician network is available 24/7, 365 days of the year, with members experiencing an average of 9 minutes wait time to speak with a physician. All physicians are board-certified, state-licensed and credentialed according to NCQA standards. Download our flyer to learn more!

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Product Features

Dedicated Physician
At-Home Labs
Integrated Prescriptions
Health Risk Assessments
Integrated Urgent Care
Condition Management

Health Risk


Our comprehensive risk assessment covers physical and behavioral health, lifestyle, and social determinants of health, helping identify issues early and informing proactive interventions.

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Section Impact
Health Screening Captures critical medical and family history, enabling risk stratification of patients to provide a tailored set of at home lab and genomics panels
Emotional Wellness Brief questionnaires identify risk of depression and anxiety, to enable proactively engaging patients for behavioral health care
Lifestyle Includes questions about key lifestyle areas such as sleep, diet, and exercise, to ensure care is holistic based on each patient’s unique needs
Engagement Preferences Engagement questions go beyond communication to target care preferences and health literacy, driving a tailored patient experience
Home & Environment (SDoH) Identifying issues across food security, loneliness, and transportation mean patients can be connected with programming to remove health barriers

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