June 11-13th

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Josh Nordtvedt

SVP, Payer Strategy
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Daniel Wang

VP, Payer Strategy
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June 11-13th

Register now for this event! Or learn more about Recuro’s Health Plan audience.

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AHIP 2024

Register: https://www.ahip.org
Location: Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas
When: 6/11/24 – 6/13/24
Audience: MCO/Health Plans

Join us at the Wynn in Las Vegas!

Recuro Health’s impactful presence at AHIP’s (America’s Health Insurance Plans) 2024 highlights its commitment to revolutionizing the healthcare landscape through data-driven insights, patient empowerment, and addressing care gaps. By leveraging advanced technologies and innovative solutions, Recuro Health is playing a pivotal role in assisting health plans to navigate complex challenges.

Attendees Will Discover

  • Discover how Recuro Health leverages data-driven insights to empower health plans.
  • Learn how HRAs and data analysis leads to actionable information for informed decision-making.
  • Explore methods to tailor services based on patient needs and optimize resource allocation.
  • Understand the patient-centric approach facilitated by user-friendly health management platforms.
  • See how patient empowerment & knowledge drives active involvement, improved health, and cost efficiency.
  • Learn about Recuro Health’s strategies to address care gaps caused by physician shortages.
  • Explore the utilization of telehealth, remote monitoring, and virtual consultations.
  • Understand the solutions that overcome geographical and accessibility barriers for enhanced healthcare access.
  • Discover how Recuro Health ensures timely medical attention and preventive care for minor issues.
  • Gain insights into the transformative impact of data-driven insights, patient engagement, and care gap solutions.
  • Partner with a leading virtual-care delivery company fostering proactive, personalized, and accessible healthcare.
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Recuro Attendees

AHIP 2024 is happening at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, June 11-13! This event is your gateway to an engaging agenda centered around the latest digital health innovations and inventive approaches revolutionizing the consumer experience in healthcare. Bringing together thought leaders and innovators, AHIP 2024 is a platform to highlight pioneering digital solutions and strategies that are propelling healthcare experiences into the future. For executives, it’s a prime occasion to forge connections, uncover groundbreaking advancements, and navigate the evolving terrain of digital healthcare.

Josh Nordtvedt

SVP, Payer Strategy
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Daniel Wang

Vice President, Payer Strategy
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Advanced Healthcare

Recuro is Driving Data Driven Decisions

Recuro Health stands at the forefront of healthcare solutions, offering a comprehensive range of capabilities tailored to the needs of Managed Care Organizations (MCOs). In the realm of Risk Adjustment, our advanced algorithms and data analytics empower MCOs to accurately assess and predict the health risk of their members, enabling informed decision-making and optimal resource allocation. Through our expertise in Quality Measurements and HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set), we enable MCOs to gauge performance and compliance, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Our dedication to Quality Improvement extends further, as we provide actionable insights drawn from data-driven assessments, leading to enhanced care outcomes and member satisfaction.

Better Outcomes

Member and Physician Engagement

Member and Physician Engagement is a pivotal focus for Recuro Health, utilizing diverse communication channels such as texts, social media, emails, and incentives to foster active participation in health management. By effectively leveraging these tools, MCOs can strengthen relationships, boost adherence to care plans, and ultimately drive better health outcomes. Furthermore, our Branding and White Labeling services enable MCOs to tailor the platform’s identity to match their unique brand, enhancing recognition and trust among members and partners alike. Recuro Health’s prowess in Care Coordination brings a holistic approach to healthcare management. By facilitating seamless communication among care teams, patients, and providers, our platform streamlines workflows, minimizes redundancies, and enhances the overall patient experience.

Featured Solutions

Recuro Primary Care

Top virtual primary care physicians dedicated to understanding your needs and developing a tailored care plan with ongoing access to care via messaged-based or video interactions. Comprehensive risk assessments help identify health issues and at-home genetic or lab screenings inform targeted interventions.

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Recuro Urgent Care

24/7 virtual access to board-certified doctors for treatment of common medical concerns. Video, phone and message-based options to meet your needs, no matter your location or circumstance, with follow up questions free of charge. Prescriptions are automatically delivered to your preferred pharmacy for quick care.

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Recuro Behavioral Health

Comprehensive virtual behavioral health care from therapy and counseling to psychiatry and medication management. Behavioral health doctors work in close collaboration with primary care physicians to ensure treatment plans are coordinated and holistic. Depression and anxiety screenings help inform the most effective treatment plan, and pharmacogenetic testing ensures the right behavioral health medication is prescribed, the first time.

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Recuro Complete Care

Bringing together the best of preventative virtual care, with a coordinated model that includes primary care and behavioral health, our population health care model is designed to improve health outcomes, reduce medical spending, and deliver top-tier member satisfaction. Our optional genetic testing focuses on pharmacogenomics (PGx) and hereditary disease risk who’s treatment can then be tailored to each person’s unique needs.

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Recuro Health has built a reputation of excellence and innovation in the healthcare industry.  Our award-winning platform of high-value programs delivers engagement and cost savings.

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Businesses come to Recuro Health for market differentiation benefit offerings.  More importantly, Recuro Health proactively provides marketing, sales, accounting and account management support. We have the testimonials that demonstrate our commitment!

We are changing the way people engage their healthcare and are excited to work with Recuro Health to do just that! These members will be more empowered to not only save their money and time, but also possibly their lives!

Chris FreedmanFounder - MyBenefitsLab

After seeing a demo of Recuro's Virtual Care Platform, my company immediately signed up - within 1 day we were able to customize the app's solutions to meet our members' needs. Now, we use it on 100% of our accounts!

Michael PerriAccount Director at Colonial Life

Thank you! I love the Recuro Health app and use if for all of my accounts! For pennies a day, my self-funded clients avoid the high cost of doctor office visits for minor but urgent conditions.

Thad AnderstonColonial Life Franchise

Clients love using Recuro's Virtual Care Platform and it helps me get new business. Best of all, I don't have to do any of the admin work. I use it with all of my accounts and it's super easy. I can now focus on growing new opportunities!

Kristin FluegelDistrict Development Manager at Colonial Life