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Caregiver Support

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What's Included?

Recuro’s Caregiver Support offering helps avoid unnecessary admissions to hospitals and nursing homes by virtual coaching of family caregivers about caring for their chronically ill loved ones. Our solution provides an online caregiving service that connects employees with expert care advisors dedicated to helping care for them and their families. Did you know? Supporting Family Caregivers decreases hospitalizations by 51%. Our solution provides family caregivers ongoing support with a personal Care Adviser who is a licensed social worker or nurse. Not only can your organization white label our platform, but you can also white label our Care Advisers. Our account managers will work with your team to build your brand’s best practices into our care adviser’s routine. This provides your organization with a care advising platform and service for family caregivers, who typically make care decisions for their chronically ill loved ones.

Capability Description
Online Caregiving Help with common needs such as yard work, meal prep and groceries, transportation, and technology
Expert Advisors Advisors are available via mobile messaging and video
Dedicated Clinician Caregivers have a dedicated Social Worker or Nurse Care Advisor
Personalized Plans A needs assessment informs a personalized plan to support the caregiver and their loved one
Improved Presenteeism

Reduced absenteeism and improved employee engagement when caregivers receive the support they need

Employee Retention

Improved employee satisfaction and retention through a benefit that helps them manage both work and life at home

Health Outcomes

Reduced stress and anxiety, decreased depression, and improved overall health

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Reimagining Digital Healthcare

Family caregivers deserve support and resources every step of the way. They are an untapped resource that can contribute to reduced hospitalizations and better outcomes in seniors with chronic conditions. Recuro’s technology platform provides on-demand messaging and live video chats with our Care Advisers, so the help that family caregivers need is right at their fingertips. When a caregiver has questions regarding the care of their chronically ill loved one, they’re able to reach out at any time to our dedicated staff. Here we provide families a library of specific content related to the patient’s needs, giving them confidence in providing care and more successful outcomes. All advice provided to your patients and their caregivers is stored in a HIPAA compliant, secure, and encrypted platform.

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Product Features

Care Evaluation
Online Caregiving
Exerpt Advisors
Dedicated Clinician
Personalized Plans
Reduced Hospitalizations
Resource Library
Secure Communication
Virtual Video Visits

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