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10 Easy Tips for a Healthy Upcoming Year

10 Easy At-Home Tips for a Healthy New Year

Are you making your New Year’s resolutions? Instead of diving into challenging health goals that may be difficult to sustain, experts advise1 starting with small, manageable steps in January. Our Recuro Health physicians have practical suggestions for achieving health improvements in 2023 and beyond—ones that are both realistic and attainable.

Here’s what Recuro Health recommends for starting the new year in a healthy way:

1. Establish a healthy routine:

  • Ensuring a sound diet, obtaining at least 7.5 hours of sleep each night, and engaging in regular physical activities like walking, yoga, or sports are crucial for maintaining and enhancing both mental and physical well-being. However, it is important to seek assistance from medical professionals when necessary, including Recuro’s Behavioral Health and Primary Care providers. If you are looking to improve upon your fitness routine in the coming year, the American Medical Association (AMA) recommends that adults engage in at least 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity activity each week, translating to about 20 minutes a day. 2 Alternatively, for those who prefer more intense workouts, experts suggest participating in 75 minutes of exercise weekly.

2. Limit processed foods & sugary drinks:

  • While many people set broad resolutions like “eat better,” refining it to a more specific goal, such as monitoring sugar intake, can significantly propel your health journey. Restricting added sugars in both food and beverages is crucial for overall well-being, as they contribute to an increased risk of chronic diseases like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Experts recommend reducing processed foods and sugar-sweetened drinks, particularly those with added sodium and sugar. The American Medical Association (AMA) advocates for specific dietary adjustments including:
    • Decreasing consumption of red and processed meats.
    • Increasing intake of plant-based foods such as olive oil, nuts, and seeds.
    • Choosing water over sugary beverages.
      Research published in JAMA Network Open highlights a connection between sugary drinks, including 100% fruit juices, and a higher risk of all-cause mortality.3

3. Schedule health screenings:

  • From April 2020 onward, data indicates that millions of screenings for breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer diagnoses might have been overlooked due to disruptions in care caused by the pandemic.4 Jack Resneck Jr. MD, AMA president, emphasizes the critical importance of timely screenings, as cancers become more challenging to treat and more fatal when detected at later stages. According to 2022 findings from the American Cancer Society, there was a 6% decline in the number of U.S. women reporting recent breast cancer screenings and an 11% drop in cervical cancer screenings in 2020 compared to 2018. Recuro offers several plans that include at-home lab testing for several types of diseases and cancers, leading our members to detect and treat problems early.*

4. Know your blood pressure numbers:

  • High blood pressure, or hypertension, affects 47% of adults in the United States, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.5 Recognizing the significance of these numbers and implementing measures to reduce blood pressure can help mitigate the risks of strokes and heart attacks. The suggests exploring, a resource provided by the American Heart Association, for more information on effectively managing high blood pressure.

5. Learn your type 2 diabetes risk:

  • According to the AMA, it only takes two minutes to self-screen for type 2 diabetes. The AMA recommends utilizing a self-test available at The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that more than eight in 10 adults6 are unaware they are living with prediabetes. Health professionals emphasize that type 2 diabetes poses a risk factor for severe COVID-19 outcomes, including hospitalization or death.

6. Manage stress levels:

  • Experiencing stress is a fundamental aspect of being human, often serving as a motivator to accomplish tasks. Even elevated stress resulting from serious illness, job loss, bereavement, or challenging life events can be a natural component of life. It’s normal to feel temporarily down or anxious in response to such situations; however, if these feelings persist for several weeks or start affecting your home or work life, it’s advisable to consult with your doctor. Recuro Health providers can offer our members multiple types of interventions, including therapy, medication, and other strategies, can be beneficial. Some individuals find long-term talk therapy helpful, with cognitive-behavioral therapy being a specific approach that assists in changing negative thought patterns. Your therapist can guide you toward alternative approaches that may prove beneficial.

7. Set a regular bedtime:

  • Giving priority to adequate sleep is a straightforward health adjustment, yet it remains a challenge for many individuals. The benefits of improved sleep are substantial, addressing issues such as heart health, weight management, and even marital difficulties. To enhance your sleep quality, begin with the fundamentals. Is your bedroom conducive to rest? Consider factors like room temperature, darkness, and overall tranquility. Evaluate whether your sleep environment is serene or cluttered. Assess the comfort of your mattress, pillows, and bedding. Additionally, try experimenting with your wake-up routine by temporarily ditching the alarm. If you consistently wake up several hours past your usual alarm time, it’s a signal that your body requires an earlier bedtime. For those seeking tips on falling asleep more quickly, here’s some advice on how to fall asleep faster.

8. Give time to your relationships:

  • Research consistently demonstrates that maintaining robust social connections contributes to better health as we age.7 Make a commitment this year to foster social interactions. Schedule a weekly lunch outside the office with a colleague or consider joining a book club or another social group. Reach out to a friend and plan a weekly walk in the park together. Engaging in enjoyable activities with others is a valuable investment in your long-term well-being.

9. Add more variety to your diet:

  • A lot of people are thinking about a resolution to lose weight. Instead of succumbing to diet culture, consider adopting a realistic and enjoyable alternative: Make your diet more diverse. Scientific studies reveal that the greater the diversity in your diet, the more diverse your gut microbiome becomes.8 The gut microbiome consists of trillions of microbes inhabiting your intestinal tract, playing a vital role in your overall health. Research indicates that incorporating a variety of foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, is beneficial for your microbiome. A quick way to achieve this is by incorporating more herbs and spices into your meals. Opt for an assortment of leafy greens in your salads, diversify the fruits in your breakfast, mix various vegetables in your stir-fry, and incorporate more nuts, seeds, beans, and grains into your diet—all of which is good for your microbiome.

10. Be Proactive About Your Health:

  • Our members get access to fast, easy telehealth visits through Recuro Health! Licensed clinicians make it simple for our members to address health needs with high-quality care, prescriptions, and recommendations—all through video or phone calls. Your Recuro Health provider will ask questions to learn about your symptoms, health concerns, and goals, and will work with you to create an actionable, personalized care plan that may include lab testing, one-time prescriptions, and lifestyle recommendations. Recuro is also making it easier than ever to invest in your wellness year-round. Whether you aren’t sure what aspect of your health you want to prioritize, or if you want more knowledge about your overall wellness, you can stay up to date by selecting a dedicated Primary Care provider who you can build a relationship with and see for each virtual visit. Reach out to your plan administrator to learn which of Recuro Health’s available services are part of your personalized care plan.*

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