Delta Variant, Stalled Vaccination Rates, New Directives from Federal/State Governments, CDC and Employers Increase Demand for Recuro’s At-Home & In-office COVID Testing Solution

‘Vaccinate or Get Tested’ is the new policy from all corners of government and private industry amid the surge of the Delta variant, recurrence of disease even among those who have been vaccinated and a plateau in vaccination rates. Testing often is rapidly being adopted across the country as a key to stopping the virus spread.

But fulfilling these directives requires employers to do more than just acquire tests: what is needed is a structured, integrated process for test distribution and administration, validation of results and back-end reporting.

“This is what Recuro Health delivers and it is what distinguishes our approach from the myriad of programs on the market,” says Michael Gorton, CEO and founder, Recuro Health.  “Advances in COVID-19 testing, rapid antigen and PCR testing provide immediate results and are available under the Recuro Health testing solution. Furthermore, our solution was one of a dozen chosen from a field of hundreds of companies to collaborate directly with the US Department of Health and Human Services and the FDA during the pandemic.”

An avalanche of requests from employers nationwide for Recuro’s at-home or on-site COVID testing platform follows these announcements:

  • Presidential directive requiring all federal employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or submit to regular testing.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revised its COVID-19 test guidance, urging fully vaccinated people to get tested three to five days after exposure to the virus even if they don’t experience symptoms. Prior recommendations indicated fully vaccinated people only needed testing after exposure if they were symptomatic.
  • Health workers at the Department of Veterans Affairs, California state employees and municipal employees in New York City must either provide proof of vaccination, get vaccinated or get regular testing to stop the spreadof the highly transmissible Delta variant.

Allison Martin, a founder and executive director, Recuro Health, recently participated on a prestigious panel hosted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) at the Association of Chamber of Commerce (ACCE) Summit which focused upon testing solutions.  Recuro Health was the only commercial company on the panel.

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“Our real-time test results are available to authorized stakeholders and oversight from nationwide physicians, with unique, customized employer dashboards and tools available to make a reopening strategy easy, simple, safe, customized and compliant,” says Martin.

Selecting the Optimal Solution  

The Recuro test solution supports employers with key decision-making responsibilities and meets OSHA requirements for employees’ safe return-to-work as well as participation in crucial meetings, events and convention safety. Through an intuitive, simple service. the Recuro solution authorizes capture of the required federal and state required standardized data from patients.

These real-time test results are available to authorized stakeholders, oversight from nationwide physicians, unique, customized employer dashboards and tools available to make a reopening strategy easy. Proprietary software makes the full beginning-to-end testing journey simple, safe, customized and compliant.

Surge of the Delta Variant

In the U.S., the Delta variant accounts for an estimated 83% of COVID-19 cases and there is a 32% increase in COVID hospitalizations in the last few weeks. Cases are rising in all 50 states but several states have low vaccination rates which are accounting for the Delta variant surge.

Originally detected in India, according to the CDC, the Delta variant has been identified around the world and is a mutated corona virus that spreads faster than others. The first U.S. Delta case was identified in March and now is the dominant strain. As a result, the White House announced it has decided to maintain existing COVID travel restrictions amid surging cases triggered by the Delta variant which is expected to cause a COVID spike in the weeks ahead.

Human Resource Executives & Healthcare Decision-makers Recognize Value of At-Home and In-office Testing 

As the Delta variant rages, return-to-work safety is fueling a massive need for at-home or onsite self-testing.  A recent survey found that 83% of employers said they wanted to supply these tests to their employees once a week to once a month to keep infection rates low and help them safely return to work as businesses re-open.

Employers said they are interested in tests for employees who have either been exposed or contracted COVID. The survey found that many employers were willing to pay a portion of the test fees and 90% of consumers said they were willing to take these tests to go back to work.

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