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Employers Empowered with Recuro Health’s At-Home Rapid COVID-19 Testing Solution: Meet OSHA requirements for employees’ safe return-to-work with tests designated by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Employers Empowered with Recuro Health’s At-Home Rapid COVID-19 Testing Solution: Meet OSHA requirements for employees’ safe return-to-work with tests designated by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Recuro Health is making its rapid COVID-19 testing solution available to the employer community as a result of its recent acquisition of  UDoTest, which is credited with launching one of the first comprehensive employer testing platforms for COVID-19 and was chosen from a field of hundreds of companies as one of 16 to collaborate directly with the US Department of Health and Human Services and the FDA during the pandemic.

The new tests support employers with key decision-making and OSHA requirements for employees’ safe return-to-work, as well as, crucial meetings, events and convention safety. It is authorized to capture the required federal and state required standardized data from patients through an intuitive, simple service.

“Real-time test results are available to authorized stakeholders, oversight from nationwide physicians, unique, customized employer dashboards and tools available to make a reopening strategy easy,” explains Allison Martin, general manager and founder, Recuro Health. “Proprietary software makes the full beginning-to-end testing journey simple, safe, customized and compliant.”

Why At-Home Testing Continues to be Used

Even with the COVID-19 vaccine in ample supply only about half of all Americans have been vaccinated and the covid-19 variants continue to cause testing and vaccine challenges. Healthcare professionals still encourage people to continue to get tested for COVID-19. Experts say that “testing often” is a key to stopping the virus spread.

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), North Carolina and Tennessee are conducting a program to see if the spread of COVID-19 will be reduced if people are given quick access to at-home tests.

From a peak in March, the number of COVID-19 tests has dropped by 30% in the U.S. However, the regulatory approval needed for these at-home rapid tests has been slow despite their ability to stem the pandemic. The Biden administration recently unveiled a $1.6 billion plan to get more of these tests in schools and other settings but there aren’t enough tests available yet. These tests are needed now and can also offer more constant, reliable, lower-cost disease surveillance in the future.

The Need for At-Home Testing

After a long year of lockdowns, businesses have suffered deep financial losses and the major push is on to get employees back to work. However, a return-to-work requires strong assurances of health and safety which has led to a massive need for at-home testing.

A recent survey found that 83% of employers said they wanted to supply these tests to their employees once a week to once a month to keep infection rates low and help them safely return to work as businesses re-open. Employers said they are interested in tests for employees who have either been exposed or contracted COVID. The survey found that many employers were willing to pay a portion of the test fees and 90% of consumers said they were willing to take these tests to go back to work.

According to the CDC, people can be around others if they think or know they had COVID-19 but have been without symptoms for 10 days and without fever for 24 hours without use of fever-reducing medications.

The CDC has also offered interim guidance for employers to incorporate COVID-19 testing in non-healthcare workplaces that includes descriptions of different COVID tests, scenarios where COVID testing can be used, considerations for screening asymptomatic workers and the use of serial antigen testing.

Recuro Health’s At-Home Lab Testing Advantage

COVID-19 rapid tests are part of the global, award-winning, at-home screening software platform designed to personalize the at-home testing experience.

Michael Gorton, CEO and founder, Recuro Health, says, “At-home laboratory testing is another critical component of our comprehensive, integrated portfolio of digital health solutions, analytics and services, further expanding Recuro capabilities beyond just traditional telehealth to provide a patient-centric digital medical home. This new addition aligns with our suite of digital solutions to enable earlier identification of disease that triggers timely interventions, avoids costly hospitalizations and treatment, improves patient outcomes and promotes patient satisfaction.”

With Recuro Health’s at-home testing solution, individuals can self-collect samples such as a nasal swab, saliva, urine, toilet water and blood in a safe, home environment. The platform readily integrates with employer wellness programs, works with any primary physician and features a simple design that is customizable, accessible and easy to use.

About Recuro Health

Serving employers, providers and payers, Recuro Health delivers value throughout the healthcare ecosystem with digital solutions that respond to ongoing changes in the health care system. As patient care moves from traditional office in-person settings to wherever the patient and data are located, these solutions support the migration from convenient care to meaningful patient engagement across broader care pathways. Holistic, integrated, interoperable solutions create a personalized digital medical home that results in better outcomes and lower costs.

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