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Gina Fioretti, Executive Director of Genomics with Recuro Health, Presents at BioTechX 2022

Gina Fioretti leads Recuro Health’s genomics-powered precision health solution to pinpoint genetic risk for disease, optimize treatments and create better outcomes for our members. She will share her knowledge, ideas and perspectives on this topic at what is projected to be the biggest edition yet of BioTechX with more than 1,500 attendees already registered.

“By integrating genetic testing, Recuro completes the landscape for quality care and paves the way for precision medicine,” says Fioretti. “This integrated approach increases accessibility and utilization for both physicians and patients, leading to better outcomes and reduced costs.” Get ready to see true integration of genetics into the medical practice, because we are literally building the platform that makes it accessible and scalable.”

Genomics is advancing precision medicine, a form of medicine that includes information about a person’s genetic profile to prevent, diagnose, or treat disease. By leveraging genetics, medical teams can understand contributing factors to health conditions, enabling more accurate diagnostics, customized treatment plans and gauging how well treatment is working.

BioTechX 2022 is a key opportunity to also showcase the role of genomics in the Recuro premier Digital Medical Home™ (DMH), which makes healthcare more accessible, affordable and equitable.

“DMH provides a holistic approach that transforms fragmented, disease-focused health care into a personalized, fully integrated, benefit agnostic solution that supports proactive engagement at lower costs,” she continues. “Genomics is an integrated component of DMH that also includes virtual primary care, virtual urgent care, behavioral health and in-home lab testing.”

According to Fioretti, doctors are using genomics to help identify undiagnosed diseases and medical anomalies, which can help guide patients and families to a more efficient path to more effective treatment plans. (rather than having to wait through years of hospital visits and specialist referrals and prevent spending thousands in unnecessary testing). Additionally, pharmacogenetics, sometimes called PGx, a rapidly growing field of medicine that uses a person’s genetic profile to understand how he or she responds to medications. “PGx is an incredibly valuable tool that helps doctors select the right drugs for each individual, rule out the drugs that may create adverse reactions or unwanted side effects, and even tailor dosing based on how fast or slow a patient metabolizes the medication.” Since every patient is different, PGx lets you jump ahead, without compromising quality of care.

“With capabilities to include genomics and in-home lab tests in its integrated suite of solutions, Recuro is positioned to drive better outcomes for both individuals and healthcare providers through improved medication safety and efficacy – at lower medical costs,” says Fioretti. Our platform delivers convenience…something healthcare has needed for a very long time.

Digital Medical Home™

This personalized care platform is designed for our stakeholders: we provide the benefits, and you select from our suite of digital solutions to design an integrated healthcare program that fits your organization’s health care needs.

By removing the strict boundaries of a physician office visit or making hybrid virtual/physical arrangements available, all stakeholders can focus their attention on the right quality metrics for improved care.

  • One-stop shop for care services and benefits
  • Personalized and proactive platform, enabling better treatment and more efficient care
  • Fully integrated solutions, streamlined information exchange between care teams
  • Ongoing engagement to manage health over time for the best outcomes
  • Holistic, one-stop shop for all health and wellness benefits on a single platform

DMH delivers all the value and benefits of coordinated virtual care:

  • Employers: supports plan participant access to targeted, longitudinal, high-quality, integrated, comprehensive care at a lower cost. This approach supports an organization focused on creating a culture of health:  it solves the issue of dealing with multiple vendors by offering a central resource for integrating disparate solutions, simplifies administrative processes and impacts absenteeism and presenteeism.
  • Patients: ensures access and convenience, with virtual connectivity to dedicated clinicians for a personalized and proactive health care experience, pulling all their benefits information into one simple platform.
  • Providers: enabling a digital healthcare delivery model that supports omni channel patient engagement.
  • Payers: a population health approach that identifies and fills gaps in care. Improved care access helps abate unnecessary exacerbations, reduces the reliance upon reactive care and provides a scalable solution for access to cost-effective care that meets the needs of members and their participants.
  • TPAs/Brokers: a value-added product differentiator supporting cost diversion.

Partner with Recuro

We help the world’s top companies succeed with today’s healthcare technologies, driving value for payers, providers and patients and throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

  • One-Stop Resource: a single place for patients to find benefits, information, care services, and guided support to navigate their care journeys. Robust clinical solutions offer a multi-channel and patient-centric approach to health improvement and enhanced well-being for the best possible medical outcome.
  • Hyper-Personalization: new ways of making benefits and care more targeted and relevant, using everything from personalized health analytics to pharmacogenomic testing.
  • Operational Efficiencies: scalability, integrated solutions and enhanced provider participation.

Recuro would like to share more on the capabilities, quality improvement and cost containment this exciting platform brings to payers and their member experience. Please visit and contact us at [email protected] for a virtual demo.

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Recuro is an integrated digital health solutions company with a uniquely personalized, holistic and proactive approach to virtual health. Recuro’s Digital Medical Home™ enables easy connectivity to virtual care, including primary and urgent care, behavioral health, at-home lab testing, genomics testing, as well as a suite of supplemental benefits spanning pharmacy, care management and care navigation all on one platform.

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