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Meet with Recuro Leaders at YOU Powered Symposium

Meet with Recuro Leaders at YOU Powered Symposium February 6-9, 2023, in Miami, Florida

Recuro Health is proud to sponsor the 2023 YOU Powered Symposium. Visit the Exhibitor Hall on the Country Club Terrace from Monday February 6th through Wednesday February 8th to meet with Recuro Health leaders Jon O’Toole, Vice President, Business Development, Recuro Health, and Quinn Pearl, Senior Vice President of Sales, Recuro Health.

E-Powered Benefits organization works with brokers to break the legacy health plan cycle. Over 400 attendees consisting of employers, human resource professionals, consultants, collaborators, clinicians, and the industry’s most notable thought leaders will be lending their expertise during three days of solid education and collaboration.

“We are collaborating with the Symposium organizer Dave Contorno and his colleagues to discuss using a virtual first approach in order to get members involved in the health plan using a lower cost strategy by introducing opportunities to treat chronic disease more proactively,” says Quinn Pearl, senior vice president of sales, Recuro Health. “This is everything Recuro stands for: our vision matches these expectations. We look forward to participating alongside the best industry experts and contributors to this transparent, value-based, healthcare reform movement. We are excited to head to Miami!”


Meet with Recuro Leaders at YOU Powered Symposium

Employer Direct Contracting for Primary Care

Quinn emphasizes this opportunity to meet with the broker community and all producers of self-funded medical plans intersects directly with Recuro Health’s capabilities, products and service offerings that impact Employer Direct Contracting for Primary Care.

“Recuro is keenly aware that employers are seeking quality healthcare and cost predictability and are adopting a direct contracting strategy that incorporates robust financial incentives to manage the cost of care for all parties – employers, providers and employees – while delivering enhanced clinical outcomes for patients,” he explains. “This approach establishes a one-to-one relationship between a provider group or primary care provider network and a self-insured employer, with employers assuming the financial risk and responsibility of paying their employees’ medical claims. Typically, the employer contracts with third parties for enrollment, claims processing and provider network construction.”

When employers opt for self-funding their benefits, they essentially break ties with traditional health plan payers and find themselves without access to networks for care delivery.

“That’s where Recuro provides value: we provide a virtual first approach that engages the members at a lower cost while ensuring access to quality care – including preventive care to treat chronic disease on the front end and more proactively. Recuro serves as a narrow network, isolated from traditional health plan networks and will remain with the employer regardless of any changes in the major medical network.  When you change networks, members won’t have to reestablish a relationship with a new primary care physician. Also, our provider network runs outside of hospital owned primary care practices further lowering costs by allowing us to steer members towards higher performing services.”

Recuro understands and appreciates the importance of direct contracting, and its solution is essentially a direct contract at much lower costs. Quinn points to the ability for Recuro Health to arrange a network lease where it’s a much lower per-employee-per-month (PEPM) and the Plan Sponsor pays the claim.

“We drive engagement so that the more people that select the primary care doctor under direct contract — even though the claim costs go up for the plan – there is greater, proactive medical engagement that results in better patient outcomes,” he adds. “What really resonates with this audience is the opportunity for shared savings tied to compelling opportunities for cost containment, value-based care and scalability – the hot buttons for the self-insured community. We open the doors for brokers to offer Plan Sponsors and benefit managers a virtual direct primary care (DPC) solution that can be woven into all their plans.”


Meet with Recuro Leaders at YOU Powered Symposium

A Focus on Cost Savings

The ability to experience cost savings is critical to self-funded medical claims. Recuro has already proven this capability with multiple MGU (managing general underwriter) stop-loss carriers where they embedded our VPC solution into their proposals for self-funded organizations. Doing so enables them to cover everyone in the group, thus providing improved access to care and addressing future potential risk.

Recuro scales the DPC approach, incentivizing the employees by waiving the copay when the individual goes to the contract DPC or VPC provider. If they insist upon accessing care from a primary care provider that’s owned by the hospital, there is a copay – as high as $150.

“The bottom line is that the employer can really drive savings by breaking that hospital owned system,” he concludes. “There is wide recognition that as soon as an employee goes to a primary care practice owned by the hospital, they are likely to be referred back to the hospital for a follow-on expensive test – MRI, CT or PET scan. Additional testing is de rigueur in the hospital care setting and simply piles on additional claims and expenses for the employer.”

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