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Recuro Health Acquires MyLifeIQ, Brings Epigenetics & Precision Medicine to its Rapidly Expanding Suite of Digital Health Solutions

Recuro Health Acquires MyLifeIQ, Brings Epigenetics & Precision Medicine to its Rapidly Expanding Suite of Digital Health Solutions

DALLAS—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Recuro Health(Recuro), an integrated digital health solution that transitions the U.S. healthcare system from a reactive, disease-focused model to a population health, outcomes approach, today announces the acquisition of MyLifeIQ, an epigenetics platform that transitions healthcare to precision medicine. By simplifying and customizing health information to unlock an individual’s full potential and improve quality of life, the model builds an intuitive health intelligence platform that moves beyond the silos in healthcare. Fully integrated with Recuro’s curated suite of digital health solutions to serve employers and their workforces, MyLifeIQ captures and delivers the uniqueness of each person, pulling together the variables involved in health, including DNA, wearable data and lifestyle assessments.

Michael Gorton, CEO and founder of Recuro Health, says, “In response to the needs of self-insured employers seeking digital solutions that improve employee health and productivity, we’re taking genomics to the next level of utility. This genomics solution creates an information platform that people can use on a daily basis, building an inimitable health and personalized medicine profile that is truly a life picture of one person and his or her distinctive health portrait. This is an opportunity to get clarity and transform health information into action.” Recuro’s digital solutions are designed to optimize employees’ health —from primary care and behavioral health to at-home testing and genetic screening. They are fully customizable and can be tailored to meet the needs of any individual or population. This approach allows patients to engage with physicians, receive more personalized care, and monitor their own health, no matter their location or circumstance.

Gina Fioretti, executive director, Recuro Health Genomics, says, “This solution is designed for anyone at any age who wants to live better. We use the person’s unique DNA, which contains the map to one’s whole body and how it operates, to determine what is best for each individual. By fine-tuning environmental elements like exercise, food, sleep and medications, we match these factors with the DNA to create a high-performing body. Our objective is to make life easier by providing an actionable, personalized guidebook that improves health and vitality.” The platform performs all the hard work and problem solving so that individuals jump straight to the solutions that are right for them. “Within Recuro, patients will now have the most comprehensive and convenient tool to achieve optimal health,” concludes Fioretti.

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