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Recuro Health’s Digital Solutions Promote Integration of Behavioral and Physical Health, More Personalized and Convenient Care

Recuro Health’s Digital Solutions Promote Integration of Behavioral and Physical Health, More Personalized and Convenient Care

Mental health was taboo. The subject was dodged in social circles, sidestepped in the media and completely avoided in the workplace. But awareness has grown. Increasingly, people recognize that both physical and mental health are critical to a person’s overall well-being. You can’t ignore one and expect high marks on the other.

There’s significant upside to reducing the stigma around mental health. The right types of mental health services can lead to improved mental focus and clarity, reduced stress and anxiety levels, better sleep quality and improved overall well-being.

However, the key is providing the right supports. Today, many mental health offerings are fragmented or incomplete, including crisis hotlines, counseling sessions, talk therapy or relaxation apps.  Each address different degrees of mental health severity, but fail to offer individuals access to a wide variety of holistic and longer-term options. Additionally, these solutions are often completely disconnected from an individual’s physical health needs.

We can no longer overlook it; mental health is a critical part of the health care conversation. Coordinated care must be convenient and comprehensive, providing individuals easy access to a broad range of treatment options to fit their evolving preferences and needs.

The Recuro Behavioral Health Approach

A holistic behavioral health solution, like the Recuro virtual health platform provides individuals access to a wide variety of mental health treatments, including psychiatric care, psychosocial interventions, talk therapy and more, all in one place. After reviewing patient needs, the platform connects individuals to the best treatment option and considers preferences such as physician gender and treatment type. The Recuro virtual health platform also facilitates seamless interaction between a patient’s primary care and behavioral health physicians to create effective and comprehensive treatment plans.

Recuro combines behavioral and physical health capabilities with at-home lab testing and genetic screening solutions to deliver whole-person care that enables earlier identification of disease and promotes proactive consumer engagement, ultimately delivering more personalized care and better health outcomes.

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