At-Home and On-Site COVID Testing Solutions Play a Major Role in Ensuring Workplace Safety Amid Delta Variant Surges and Recommendations for Vaccine Boosters

Michael Gorton, CEO

By Michael Gorton, MS, JD, CEO, and founder of Recuro Health and Founding CEO and Chairman of Teladoc  

Amid the Delta variant surge, rising number of cases and COVID-19 related deaths, and decisions regarding vaccinations, employers are reeling with the impact of the pandemic as the race continues to get all Americans fully vaccinated. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID tracker, 176.7 million people are vaccinated in the U.S. as of September 2021.

These issues continue to challenge employers of every size and in every industry as companies struggle to “return to normal.” As a result, there is a sharp, increased demand for COVID At-Home and On-Site Testing solutions, with growing recognition that frequent or ongoing testing can ensure a safe return-to-work and employee participation at crucial meetings, events and conventions.

The need of expanded COVID testing for employees is undeniable. But the need is more than simply acquiring test kits. An optimal solution must support appropriate onboarding and eligibility, scheduling, test distribution, validation of results and aggregate reporting.  What is required is a scalable solution that embodies a structured, integrated, end-to-end process that delivers more than just bulk testing supplies.

In fact, a new survey found that 83% of employers said they wanted to regularly supply these tests to their employees and 90% of employees said they were willing to take these tests to go back to work. General surveillance testing is key to reaching asymptomatic people who can spread the virus without even knowing it.

Regular testing is also essential because epidemiologists worry that COVID’s global spread will create more dangerous mutations going forward and that the deadly virus will remain as part of our lives for decades to come.

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