Telehealth is a Vital Tool in Improving Mental Health Treatment

Michael Gorton, CEO

By Michael Gorton, MS, JD, CEO, and Founder, Recuro Health
Founding CEO and Chairman of Teladoc
Twitter: @RecuroHealth

In a post-COVID reality, one key area of opportunity to optimize the utilization of telehealth is in addressing behavioral health challenges that may have arisen during the pandemic. Administrators can expand consumer engagement and remotely manage many aspects of behavioral health by collaborating with digital and telehealth specialists, primary care physicians and mental health professionals.

The pandemic seriously affected the mental health of Americans with 31% reporting symptoms of anxiety or depression as well as increased numbers of people saying they started or increased substance abuse, had stress-related symptoms and had serious suicidal thoughts.

Telehealth is playing a major role in providing access to mental/behavioral care since it provides more options for convenience, privacy and safety than face-to-face meetings. In many cases, virtual consults have also been shown to be as effective as in-person visits…

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