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Recuro Health closes $47 Million Series B Financing

Recuro Health Closes $47 Million Series B Financing Led by Arch Ventures

Recuro recently announced its Series B financing, including both new and existing investors, such as ARCH Venture Partners, the Flippen Group, GPG Ventures, 4D Capital, and others. This Series B syndicate financing is significant as it demonstrates our investors’ ongoing support and confidence in the Recuro Health mission:

We provide integrated digital solutions. These solutions are created to shift the U.S. healthcare system from a reactive, disease-focused model to a proactive care approach.

Recuro will use the proceeds to advance and scale its Digital Medical Home, which includes diagnostic-enabled Virtual Primary Care and Virtual Behavioral Health Solutions. These solutions are tailored to fit the healthcare needs of any population.

Additionally, the Digital Medical Home care model integrates advanced science, data, at-home diagnostics, and targeted genomics. Examples include cancer screening and pharmacogenomics. This helps to better inform integrated care.

“Recuro’s innovative virtual-first care service is powered by an extraordinary team that is dedicated to evolving healthcare to be more proactive and personal,” says a Recuro Health leader. “Our approach results in improved outcomes, better patient engagement and lower costs. In this next phase of our Company growth and expansion, we are committed to building upon the success of our Digital Medical Home and continuing to advance the next generation of digital care services.”

Robert Nelsen, co-founder and managing director, ARCH Venture Partners, says, “Recuro is proving to be the best of breed in the intersection of science, diagnostics and digital health. This nimble organization has the ability to quickly respond to market changes, scale its tech-enabled services and close gaps in care that improve population health. We see significant opportunities for exceptional growth and continued success.”

Founded in 2021, Recuro has garnered industry recognition as a pioneer in developing innovative digital solutions. These solutions integrate Virtual Primary Care and Urgent Care, Behavioral Health, at-home lab testing, and genomics.

Furthermore, Recuro provides a suite of solution-enabling capabilities. These capabilities include care navigation, data analytics, quality and guided referrals. This suite of solutions all on one platform positions Recuro as a one-stop shop for all health and wellness benefits.

About Recuro Health

Recuro is an integrated digital health solutions company with a uniquely personalized, holistic, and proactive approach to virtual health. Recuro’s Digital Medical Home™ enables easy connectivity to virtual care, including primary and urgent care, behavioral health, at-home lab testing, and genomics testing, as well as a suite of supplemental benefits spanning pharmacy, care management and care navigation all on one platform. To learn more and to schedule a virtual demo visit

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