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Recuro Whitepaper: Patient Centric Virtual Care with Digital Medical Home

A virtual care experience that is digitally integrated, patient-centric, and focused on personalized health and wellness: Recuro’s Digital Medical Home™

Recuro is moving the healthcare system from reactive “sick care” to proactive preventative care with solutions that are pioneering the future of healthcare. We are focused on this ‘virtual first’ or hybrid virtual/brick-and-mortar office visit approach that represents a seismic change to how care is accessed and delivered. Recuro’s solutions are designed to drive member engagement and activation. This changes health behaviors and eliminates the status quo of simply reacting to problems with a product. This is done by introducing a solution that effectively addresses the real, underlying issues.

Download the full whitepaper by clicking here or the button at the end of this preview.

As a result, we enable clinical care teams and physicians to work collaboratively in the delivery of cost-effective, quality care as an integrated and holistic experience.

This dedication to advancing digital health solutions and expanding access to care is accelerating the movement toward helping to address some of the health equity challenges. We do this by incorporating culturally competent care and addressing unique population needs. Recuro continually refines and expands upon the approach to integrating virtual solutions by increasing the size and scope of its provider network, introducing new product offerings, and meeting the fiduciary and administrative needs of health plan payers, employer enterprises, and benefits consultants.

This member-centric focus keeps people always mindful of the healthcare needs of participants in an employer-sponsored health plan. Embracing a people-first approach to connecting members to virtual care provides a clear pathway to value-based care.

Today, Recuro is the first to market a unique, fully integrated portfolio of curated digital health solutions through our Digital Medical Home™. Download our whitepaper to learn more about how you can leverage our solution to fit your needs!

About Recuro Health

Recuro is an integrated digital health solutions company with a uniquely personalized, holistic, and proactive approach to virtual health. Recuro’s Digital Medical Home™ enables easy connectivity to virtual care, including primary and urgent care, behavioral health, at-home lab testing, and genomics testing, as well as a suite of supplemental benefits spanning pharmacy, care management and care navigation all on one platform. To learn more and to schedule a virtual demo visit

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