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The Best Opportunities for Marketers Within Telehealth

The Best Opportunities for Marketers Within Telehealth

In April 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, the use of telehealth surged with 32% of office and outpatient visits occurring via telehealth. That means telehealth was being used 78x more frequently than it was in February 2020, according to a report from McKinsey & Company. Since then, telehealth usage across specialties has largely stabilized to around 13% to 17%, which is still 38x higher than pre-pandemic levels. Additionally, this uptake in telehealth has also led to increased investment in the areas of virtual care and digital health. In that same McKinsey & Company report, they found that the level of venture capitalist digital health investment was 3x higher in 2020 than 2017.

Even as patients are returning to their doctor’s office, it is likely telehealth and other digital health options will remain in some capacity in a post-pandemic world. So, with more doctor-patient interactions occurring over digital or virtual platforms, what does this mean for point-of-care marketers? To help guide you through this transition, PM360 asked 10 experts within life sciences companies, agencies, suppliers/vendors, and telehealth providers:

  • What are life sciences marketers’ biggest opportunities within the space of telehealth, telemedicine, EMR/EHR, remote monitoring, and other virtual care solutions? How can marketers deliver information within these channels for patients and HCPs as they wait to be connected or at the time healthcare decisions are being made?
  • What opportunities exist for life sciences companies to partner directly with telehealth/telemedicine platforms?
  • How can life sciences companies help HCPs and patients improve their ability to utilize telehealth/telemedicine and get the most out of their virtual interactions? What barriers to telehealth/telemedicine use are life sciences companies best able to help patients and/or HCPs overcome?
  • What common missteps have life sciences companies made within telehealth/telemedicine as the use of these platforms surged during the pandemic?
  • What is the future of telehealth/telemedicine post pandemic? How may companies look to adjust their strategy in this space as it evolves?

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